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  1. For starters, the examples you're showing are of generated Gen 8 Pokémon in Gen 7 saves. Those Pokémon don't exist in that generation, so of course they're not going to appear properly.
  2. It's a little annoying that things are restricted to the 153 species in Let's Go, but also completely understandable since there's no real need for the others yet. So I don't really have any suggestions in particular, at the moment. (Unless the gp1 files for Let's Go have data space already to store the additional charge move Pokemon have been given in GO since then, maybe? IDK) It was more a general desire for continued support. Like if Sword & Shield, or any other future games, have GO connectivity as well. I've found it to be a fairly useful tool for collection purposes in just Let
  3. Are there any plans to incorporate the gp1Editor into PKHeX? (Or at least to continue support for the gp1Editor separately?) It's currently one of my most used programs post-Let's Go release. But it's always nicer when functions are wrapped up into a single cohesive package. So just curious.
  4. They already said that "event" Pokemon won't be able to transfer; meaning things like Mew and the Pikachu hat lines.
  5. Yeah, I get the feeling it'll probably be more akin to the Gen I & II Bank transport based off that. So long as it's not just to serve as some kind of placeholder, similar to the Pal Park balls without confusing the casuals. The less data retained from the GO Pokemon, the less I'll feel bad if I need to inject a fake.
  6. I'm OCD about certain elements of my collections. When possible, I prefer to have specific Poke Balls, my OT, etc. While we don't know exactly how the transfer process will work yet, we do know that choosing to complete the transfer to Let's Go alters the data of the GO Pokemon to account for the data differences between the two game types. Depending on how much of the data is actually changed (if it's similar to the Gen I & II Bank transfer, where it's almost completely making a whole new Pokemon) I rather just fill in some data fields with the fake info and let the game do its business a
  7. Assuming everything falls into place on the developers side with CFW, PKHeX, the research into the data structures, generation methods, etc, we should be able to create GO Pokemon in Let's Go's GO Park portion of the save, correct? This isn't a huge deal for me in regards to Generation 1/Kanto Pokemon, as I've been able to catch them all. But starting with Generation II/Johto, that's been a different story. I haven't been able to find a single Unown and raids don't seem to be of interest to anyone around here anymore. Meaning I wasn't able to snag Suicune, Ho-Oh or any of the Generation
  8. Anyone have the US Arash Mamoswine they would be willing to clone for my collection? I have been searching for months and found basically no one with elsewhere...
  9. Not exactly pkm format, but does anyone here have the required components to use the CyberGadget device and be willing to edit a few trainer details for me with PKHeX? In previous generations, I like to collect all the regional dex Pokemon with a single OT and ID set (events excluded of course). I'd play up to a point where we had a version exclusive, save the game and make a copy. In the original I'd continue on to capture Zekrom for example, and the copy would be used to get Reshiram with the same info and then send it to the original game. Obviously not possible in X and Y, so I was wonde
  10. Guessing these are gender locked as females (or RNG just hates me)? I've downloaded the Wondercards about a dozen times now and only gotten girls.
  11. I know. I did not say I was just soft resetting for a female, I said I was restoring my save and redownloading the wondercard.
  12. Hmm. Can this one be female? I've restored my save a couple of times checking for a female, but it's not happening. So is it a set gender like the others, or am I just unlucky every time I download the wondercard?
  13. Are you putting them in a Gen V game? They are Gen IV .pkm files...
  14. The Wes and Michael set were originally contributed by me on a previous account. The only Pokemon with trashbyte issues were those I used during the playthrough and then reverted to an untouched status later (I forgot to fix the bytes on the names when unevolving). My birds were never used in any way and were uploaded same as they were when caught, so they shouldn't have any problems at all. The originals that were on my various carts over the generations are the same as the ones in the zip, and my entire collection went through just fine.
  15. So using Powersaves' wondercard for the Inkay event was always giving you males (maybe you were just unlucky?), but were you still getting other natures, IV spreads, etc? I don't really want to waste my money if everyone is getting the exact same Pokemon.
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