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  1. Yeah, I get the feeling it'll probably be more akin to the Gen I & II Bank transport based off that. So long as it's not just to serve as some kind of placeholder, similar to the Pal Park balls without confusing the casuals. The less data retained from the GO Pokemon, the less I'll feel bad if I need to inject a fake.
  2. I'm OCD about certain elements of my collections. When possible, I prefer to have specific Poke Balls, my OT, etc. While we don't know exactly how the transfer process will work yet, we do know that choosing to complete the transfer to Let's Go alters the data of the GO Pokemon to account for the data differences between the two game types. Depending on how much of the data is actually changed (if it's similar to the Gen I & II Bank transfer, where it's almost completely making a whole new Pokemon) I rather just fill in some data fields with the fake info and let the game do its business and not care too much if the GO Pokemon matches a legitimate spawn down to the correct coordinates if that data wont be retained afterward. I'll of course use whatever legitimate Pokemon I've caught to bring over to the park first. The fakes would only be to fill in gaps I wasn't able to get. They wouldn't be for trade or anything else, so something legal like that would be "legit" enough for my own needs.
  3. Assuming everything falls into place on the developers side with CFW, PKHeX, the research into the data structures, generation methods, etc, we should be able to create GO Pokemon in Let's Go's GO Park portion of the save, correct? This isn't a huge deal for me in regards to Generation 1/Kanto Pokemon, as I've been able to catch them all. But starting with Generation II/Johto, that's been a different story. I haven't been able to find a single Unown and raids don't seem to be of interest to anyone around here anymore. Meaning I wasn't able to snag Suicune, Ho-Oh or any of the Generation 3 Legendaries. That'll be less of a problem is all of them cycle through the Research, but if it's only the weaker sub-legends, then there will still be gaps in my collection. There's also those pesky Regional Exclusives... So I rather just inject the fakes in later games and capture them for my personal collection.
  4. Anyone have the US Arash Mamoswine they would be willing to clone for my collection? I have been searching for months and found basically no one with elsewhere...
  5. Not exactly pkm format, but does anyone here have the required components to use the CyberGadget device and be willing to edit a few trainer details for me with PKHeX? In previous generations, I like to collect all the regional dex Pokemon with a single OT and ID set (events excluded of course). I'd play up to a point where we had a version exclusive, save the game and make a copy. In the original I'd continue on to capture Zekrom for example, and the copy would be used to get Reshiram with the same info and then send it to the original game. Obviously not possible in X and Y, so I was wondering if someone would be willing to edit my Xerneas and two of my Legendary Birds to have my Y version info if I traded them the three Pokemon and a junker to get my Y OT, gender, TID and SID?
  6. Are you putting them in a Gen V game? They are Gen IV .pkm files...
  7. The Wes and Michael set were originally contributed by me on a previous account. The only Pokemon with trashbyte issues were those I used during the playthrough and then reverted to an untouched status later (I forgot to fix the bytes on the names when unevolving). My birds were never used in any way and were uploaded same as they were when caught, so they shouldn't have any problems at all. The originals that were on my various carts over the generations are the same as the ones in the zip, and my entire collection went through just fine.
  8. That was going to be my next plan for Farfetch'd, if there wasn't a out-of-game solution, to see if it would work. Though it requires me to alter the save file OT, ID and SID information before I can do that, which is something Pokegen doesn't allow. Also, if I do that, won't the game treat the Pokemon as if it is from that game while renaming it, thus screwing up the Trashbytes for it? Or will that not matter since they renaming it upon Gen 6 conversion anyway? It does nothing for helping for helping me to change the OT on the Pokemon, without corrupting said OT, though.
  9. I had opened a thread about the first part of this post in the pkm section, but I don't know. I'm starting to guess these are Pokegen bugs and not something I'm doing wrong (because I've been repeating the same processes on over 500 Pokemon, and it's just these I'm having issue with; just one Pokemon name and one specific trainer name)? Of course, I can't be certain... First off, I'm not wanting to actually hack anything. I just prefer consistency with my Pokemon, as much as possible anyway. So, back before Pokebank was announced to alter older gen Pokemon to have lowercase names, I wanted to go through my collection and rename them all with lower case nicknames and lowercase OTs. Once it was revealed to be a feature of the program, I stopped worrying about the Pokemon's names and reverted them, but I continued to alter the OTs to be lowercase. So far, I've had no problem with any of them trying to get through...except Farfetch'd (from every region) and various critters. For Farfetche'd, I've tried everything I can think of to revert his name back to normal, even with the original Gen 4 files and then transferring them using the actual systems instead of Pokecheck. But it seems that no matter how I try and redo the name, fix the trashbytes, etc, there is still always "something wrong with the Pokemon" when trying to bank it. For some reason, I feel it has something to do with the apostrophe in Pokegen, because when I try and select the punctuation on the drop down menu, it won't appear, unlike any of the other symbols. The second is that upon trying to alter the OT of the Pokemon from the Distant Land collection that I donated to be lowercase, the OT corrupts itself on over half the Pokemon in each box once in Gen 5. It goes from being "Micheal", to stuff like "Micha・l", "Michaeャ", "Micha・\E06C", etc. New Folder (2).zip
  10. So, back before Pokebank was announced to alter older gen Pokemon to have lowercase names, the only editing of the files I wanted to do was going through my collection and renaming them all with lowercase nicknames. Once it was revealed to be a feature of the program, I stopped and reverted the .pkm I managed to get through. So far, I've had no problem with any of them...except Farfetch'd. I've tried to go back and alter the name to the original capital version. Nothing. I've searched other Farfetch'd .pkm to see how the name was handled with them. The Same. Yet, they still won't go through Pokebank. Can someone help figure out what I need to do here? 8ADD84E9_Farfetch'd.pkm 151943D7_Farfetch'd.pkm C4FCA476_Farfetch'd.pkm
  11. Then that makes things easy on me. Though just out of curiosity, is there a reason why Pokecheck seems to think there is a difference in how trash bytes are handled when Pal Parking GBA Pokemon as opposed to GC Pokemon?
  12. I know trash bytes only originate from Pal Parking in this case. That's what I've been saying. I submitted all of them in Gen IV format, meaning they have already been Pal Parked. If I go to edit their nicknames or trainers now, it screws up the trash bytes, which seem to be different than those found on Pokemon originating from the regular GBA games after Pal Parking since trashbyte.exe doesn't fix them. Hence the original question. How do they work, so that I can have valid trash bytes on the Gen IV games in preparation for PokeTransfering them and then PokeTransporter in a few days.
  13. I'm confused now...so the Gamecube games don't have their own set of trash bytes once Pal Parked into Gen 4? Because the ones I donated to the site, when uploaded to Pokecheck, mention that there are trash bytes and they're valid. But when I try to use the trashbyte.exe after making by changes, everything is invalid.
  14. The Pokemon I originally donated to the distant land collection were all submitted under previous generation standards, because Pokemon and trainers are named with lowercase letters these days. I was wondering how the trash bytes work for the Gamecube games so that I can nickname the Pokemon with their names in lowercase and change the trainer to "Wes" or "Micheal", depending on the version. This is all only so I can try to maintain as much consistency with the Pokemon I've caught in all the main regions (stuff like Ranch are exceptions since I could have altered the information if I wanted to).
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