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Long Time, How are things?


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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for my long absence. Real life requires much of me unfortunately. I am back to check up on things and help out the community any way that I can.

I will be working on supporting my legacy applications such as Legality Checker. I also haven't gotten Black/White 2 so I will be getting that soon as well.

I am pretty out of touch, so feel free to update me please!

Anyone who doesn't know who I am. I am like the grandfather of this website. My name is Kamron, and I used to run this place before real life kicked me in the butt and I was forced to prioritize my life.

I would like to thank all of the users and the staff who stuck with it and work to make this community a great place for everyone!

And finally, anyone looking to contribute or help me in any way, feel free to email me, Sabresite [@] projectpokemon.org

Thanks everyone!

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