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What is your favorite item in the games?

Mewtwo Ex

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^ Well, for me, it's very very useful, especially now that the remaining unobtained pokemon in my pokedex just need to be evolved by leveling up, that's why it's very important for me. I hate the classic style of switching-out that low-level lead pokemon in favor of a stronger one in battles just to share the EXP points :)

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1. HM Fly (Quick travel FTW!)

2. HM Surf (Opens up lots of new areas, and is actually a solid battle move.)

3. Master Ball (Because you want that shiny Beldum, darnit!)

4. Amulet Coin/Luck Incense (Or else I just wouldn't be able to afford those vitamins for EV training.)

5. Macho Brace (Combined with Pokerus, makes EV training feasible for those with no attention spans.)

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I never really had a special preferred item. They all come in handy at various amount of times.

Though I do believe the Exp. Share is probably something I use all the time, and I could consider it my desired item. There are competitive battling items that I akin to as well.

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First, the Bicycle. Second, HM Fly. Third, the Running Shoes. We never get them quick enough in any game.

Three Pokeballs: Luxury Ball, Premier Ball, Master Ball. The first two look nice and the Luxury Ball is very useful, and the Master Ball makes it so that I do not have to train a Pokemon with Mean Look in order to catch roaming legends. In Emerald, I can duplicate them in order to get the Hoenn Legendaries with good natures.

I like the Exp. Share and the Soothe Bell! Too useful. (Oh and the Amulet Coin as well.)

Oh, MooMoo Milk is useful, so are Full Restores. Full Restores are only good post-elite four though. They're too expensive!


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