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  1. Hello. I keep getting banned from the chat. I said a rather offence greeting message that no one probably understood. Then I tried to understand why "u" was a trigger to get me kicked and I got banned. Can someone at least explain why this has occurred?
  2. Oh, in that case sorry. I thought they could not be shiny. My bad. D:
  3. ^ Meant to be F. So I'm ignoring that post. Finneon.
  4. Have you already decided who you're picking as your starter for Pokemon X or Y? I haven't. I'm waiting for movesets and final evolutions.
  5. In Pearl I'm up to the fourth or fifth gym badge. Haven't played in ages because it feels like such a down grade from Gen V. D:
  6. What's your current team? Mine is:
  7. I love how quickly and smoothly the game works, and the PWT is just too cool. : D Also, the forum description says "upcoming". These have been released for a while. Just pointing that out incase someone missed it.
  8. It's the Expert Belt for me. Gives that extra little boost when I need it.
  9. You could try a mono-type challenge, where you use only one type for your team. Of course, dual-types are very handy. Just a suggestion, though. Your list is too specific for me to think of something off the top of my head.
  10. 1. Electric - One weakness. Usually very fast and powerful. Sometimes have very diverse movesets. 2. Fighting - Lots of type advantages. And generally strong Pokemon. 3. Steel - So. Many. Resistances. And fair good defenders.
  11. Pokemon X and Y do seem to be a step upwards from B2W2. I am very excited for it. Yveltal looks very interesting, and some of the type speculations look exciting. Dark/Psychic. I love that combination. Yes. : D Oh, and more eeveelutions! Yay! : D
  12. Karzahni


    Hi there. These forums look rather dandy. I might just stick around.
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