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Post your insane gimmick team here

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RANDOMSPOT555 EDIT: To stop the random complaining, while at the same time able to maintain some humor in here, all gimmick teams can go in here. As in, teams that would in no way function outside of being complete jokes.

Sound good? Okay.


So are you tired of fighting those ugly uber teams unprepared? Well, I devised a team that's foolproof and will ALWAYS defeat. Ready?

The Roster


Magikarp@Focus Sash

Flail Sweeper

6 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed

Jolly Nature

- Splash

- Tackle

- Flail

- Bounce

With Magikarp you're going have a blast! So here is the idea. Since it rains in ubers thanks to the abundance of Kyogre, Magikarp's speed will double. Then Magikarp will get hit by Thunder, and Focus Sash kicks in, absorbing everything. That Kyogre will laugh so hard he will begin setting up, while Magikarp proceeds to Flail the fish, becoming a 5-4HKO to a max HP Kyogre with 1 HP while Calm Mind does 0 damage to the Red fishy! Take that! It's also 25.73% - 30.12% against a minimum HP Kyogre... so it's a guaranteed 4HKO! Also, a max HP Arceus is 6HKOd while the Extremekiller's Swords Dance will do ZERO damage against the fishy! This wonderful fish is gonna own people tonight! :P



Physical Wall

252 HP/252 Def/6 SpD

Impish Nature

- Bug Bite

- Iron Defense

- String Shot

- Tackle

The premier physical wall of this team. With + 6 defense, he can take an unboosted Arceus's Extremespeed for a total of 12.17% - 14.47%! And he can take him down with a 63HKO Bug Bite while Arceus can only manage 0 damage with Swords Dance! That Bug Bite can also eat off a Pinch Berry... so if Metapod gets Salac or Liechi Berry... they're in for it!


Kakuna@Choice Band

Choice Bander

6 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed

Adamant Nature

- Poison Sting

- Bug Bite

With Choice Band, expect things to die horribly. Max HP Steel-type Arceus is a 25 HKO with a Choice Banded Bug Bite! In an environment where Psychics are prevalent, a Kakuna can easily switch into a Swords Dance or Calm Mind and kill off stuff with Bug Bite. To give you a perspective Deoxys-A can be 2HKOd if its negative natured. This Kakuna will NEVER get walled, EVER!



Physical Special Wall

252 HP/6 Def/252 SpD

Careful Nature

- Iron Defense

- String Shot

- Poison Sting

- Bug Bite

A backup bug... walls stuff like NOBODY else can do!


Cascoon@Choice Band

The Tanky Sweeper

252 HP/252 Atk/6 SpD

Adamant Nature

- Bug Bite

- Poison Sting

- Tackle

Walls stuff AND kills stuff! This thing kills stuff like NOBODY has ever done before! If you are unfortunate to meet up with this member of this team, just hope his awesomeness Cascoon will spare you from the wrath of his evil eye!


Feebas@Focus Sash

Magikarp's Ugly Stepsister

252 HP/6 Attack/252 Speed

Jolly Nature

- Mirror Coat/Hypnosis

- Protect

- Waterfall

- Flail

You thought Magikarp was awesome? Just wait until you see the ugly stepsister! With Focus Sash, she is not OHKOd by the likes of Kyogre and WILL reflect it back with her UGLY stare (Mirror Coat), frying that poor killer whale into dust. If you opt for Hypnosis, the opponent WILL be outsped by the ugly stepsister in the rain and will be hypnotized into sleeping thanks to her UGLY stare and continue to Flail them and STAB Waterfall in the rain. This one's SURE to cause stuff to die horribly! FEAR the UGLY STARE!

Any comments? Please rate!

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I must say that you must have been very bored when doing this... Although I must that the team is too weak to Fire. Magikarp and Feebas' Focus Sashes won't work if you switch them into an attack, so that may be a problem in the event that your opponent decides to try Ho-Oh on you. I'm seein' that this team will be tough against the overconfident enemies.

10/10 for originality.

But it may take a bit long to win...

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Wow, this team is amazing! It uses the everyday pokemon and turns them into killing machines. Might I suggest that you include a Combee? It can pack a punch w/ stab gust or bug bite. :D

Post your Save the Queen team up next! We are getting more people in the RMT threads!

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Can the loyal subjects and the royal guard defend the Queen!?


Combee@focus sash MALE


NO EV's D:


-air cutter

This is the queen's suicide lead. He comes out and endeavors and dies. (the Queen doesn't care much :P)


Combee@choice scarf MALE



-air cutter

-ominious wind

-mud slap


He comes out and sweeps. With his massive Satk, he can wipe out armies of enemies!


Combee@choice scarf MALE




He is the counter part to the Special combee up above


Beedrill@salac berry FEMALE




-swords dance

-brick break


This is a royal guard. She caries a shield (sub) and can sharpen her weapons. after which she demolishes the opponent.


Beedrill@focus sash FEMALE



-Swords dance


-Brick Break


This guard is much different than the one above. She calls herself the one hit wonder!


The Queen@leftovers


EV's: 90def/252HP/166Sdef

-attack order

-defend order

-heal order


If all of her minions go down, she takes matters into her own hands. She sends her remaining forces to throw themselves at the enemy and calls her other disposable servants to defend and heal her.

Will the queen be able to survive!?

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Finally! This team was so fun to fight against. So creative too Paradox! :)

Just one thing... MOST bees are supposed to be females. The male bees are very rare. So I think they should all be females... just saying :P

That queen needs Attack Order ><

If they were females, they would threaten the queen! (taking her throne) so she called the exterminator :P

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Fine here's my "gimmick team" I call it - We can be Heroes.


Smeargle @ Focus sash


252 attack/252 speed/ 4 special def

Normal-type.png Endeavor

Normal-type.png Extreme speed/Bullet punch

Fighting-type.png Seismic toss

Grass-type.png Spore

Spore the lead while taking a hit, endeavoring whatever switches in and finishing it off with either extreme speed ( Fails on steel/rock type's with leftovers ) or Seismic toss ( anything slower than you )

The only way to possibly avoid this is to use a priority lead , hit it first while taking the spore ( activating sash ) and switching to something either immune to endeavor or Abomnasnow/Tyranitar. ( both of whom can't be the lead as they are outsped and put to sleep. )

Or using one of the many Insomnia pokemon... who only really effectively check this lead, and Choice scarf sleep powder roserade and fail to the majority of common threats.

After Smeargle falls ( usually messing up one or two of your opponents pokemon at the very least )


Abomnasnow @ Leftovers


252 HP / 64 Special attack / 192 Speed

Grass-type.png Wood Hammer

Ice-type.png Blizzard

Fighting-type.png Brick break


The speed lets you just outspeed tyranitar who may switch in, and OHKO them with brick break. After He's gone, all Abomnasnow needs to do is make sure hail is kept up, and he can die a happy Yeti.

Blizzard is great in hail, and wood hammer + Brick break are there just to nail switch in's like Tyranitar and swampert. Protect is to scout for potential explosions, and to abuse leftovers recovery and hail damage. Letting Abomnasnow abuse 4x Weakness's very effectively.

Now once hail has been assured you bring out these 3 babies, All level 1.


Cleffa/Clefairy/Clefable @ Focus sash

Timid @ Magic guard

252 Special attack/252 Speed

Normal-type.png Endeavor

Normal-type.png Sleep Talk/Endure

Ghost-type.png Shadow Ball

Fighting-type.png Counter

I'm fairly sure this makes sense right? With hail up and 3 level 1 Endeavor focus sash users who aren't affected by hail, sandstorm or entry hazards you will be causing your opponent a lot of pain. Just remember to switch them in on a predicted switch/Setup move/ Protect or revenge kill if Abomnasnow died. if you opt to use level 100's and want to be hit to activate the sash, shadow ball lets you hit ghosts who would otherwise wall you, and counter is a nice option against things like wallrein/mamoswine who are immune to hail damage.

The 6th and final member of the team, the glue so to speak.


Walrein @ leftovers

Bold @ Ice Body

220 HP / 240 Def / 48 Speed

Normal-type.png Protect

Normal-type.png Substitute

Normal-type.png Roar

Poison-type.png Toxic ( or blizzard/icebeam if you don't care about toxic to speed up the process. )

Stallrein! Yea, after you decimate 4 of your opponents pokemon ( possibly even 5 with Abomnasnow and Smeargle's spore ) You start the slow hail-stall process that takes out the remaining two members of your opponents team. The only real weakness's to this set are Hippowdon/Tyranitar that show up late game to tray and roar you out AND Toxic spikes. However by this time your opponent should be on his last legs, letting you take out his team with hail. And hopefully they weren't expecting a wallrein finish, so they didn't have time to set up T-spikes.

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Pshh,endiku just got PWN'D.

Care to explain this? Or is it just more of the useless dribble that keeps popping up? Try and spell my name right next time as well please.

Yeah, you've told us about this team Enkidu. Didn't it get you to Shoddy's Ladder in two days or something?

And yes only to the 80th -ish position or so as it's not quite as effective against real teams, but it was able to beat the majority of ladder players back when I used it.

Edit* This was about 3 - 4 months ago when Abomnasnow wasn't used very often, and Mamoswine was lacking in usage.

Edited by Enkidu
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Well since no one has posted this before, and I'm actually very amused with this Pokemon, and set, and I'm going to be posting only one Pokemon at the moment, well that's all i can think of. :P (how do you post the Pokemon's original sprite?)


Shuckle @ Life Orb/ Focus Sash


252 Defence / 252 Sp. Defence / 4 Hp

-Power Trick

-Rock Polish / Gyro Ball


-Stone Edge

Well this little turtle thing can be either a Lead, or Late Game-Sweeper, switch in to a Pokemon that mainly uses Sp.Atk, for example: Alakazam, Gengar, even Blissey can't even stand up to 614 Atk powered Stone Edge + Critical + Life Orb, it might as well be a 2HKO,:D throw in a Focus Sash to at least get 1 hit in.... maybe:p

This is a sure fire way to leave devestating blows to your opponent, that not even the infamous Blissey can handle.:bidoof:

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All right, here I go...


Munch Bro Squintin' the Munchlax

@ Lax Incense, or Lum Berry

Nature: Relaxed

Ability: Thick Fat

EV: 120 HP/152 Atk/170 Def/68 Sp. Def

-Curse <-- "Crew" member... Of course he has Curse.

-Body Slam <-- After coming to terms with his weight he decided to use it.

-Rest <-- He gets tired, he is a Munchlax after all.

-Brick Break <-- He is actually very proficient at breaking bricks and no one knows why...

Squintin' is essentially a Munching Curse, or Curselax Mini. Now instead of Leftovers he uses either a Lax Incense, he likes the smell, or a Lum Berry to heal off the Sleep when he uses Rest. Brick Break is to get rid of those pesky Rock-Types who resist Body Slam, and incase the opponent uses Reflect or Light Screen.


Munch Bro Alert the Munchlax

@ Leftovers

Nature: Sassy

Ability: Thick Fat

EV: 130 HP/180 Atk/140 Def/60 Sp. Def

-Charm <-- He puts the Charm on his enemies with his bug eyes.

-Amnesia <-- Sometimes he likes to forget how he is the smartest.

-Outrage <-- He gets angry... Really... Really angry...

-Earthquake <-- His anger creates Earthquakes... I am not kidding... One of his ancestors made the Grand Canyon...

This set is actually pretty screwed up and I like to think that he just gets angry often.


The Snore the Snorlax

@ Leftovers

Ability: Thick Fat

Nature: Impish

EV: 168 HP/120 Def/220 SpD


-Rest <-- I believe not havin' Rest on a Snorlax is blasphemy...

-Snore <-- He snores... a lot.

-Curse <-- He's part of a "crew"...

-Yawn <-- He gets tired... And he constantly needs oxygen to get to his brain...

The Snore likes to sleep... And even though he is the last resort of the team, he is not always ready for a fight.

And that is The Lax Crew... But is there more? The Lax Crew rules! But who rules The Lax Crew? More details... later...

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