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black / white Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v3 (Project is complete!)


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Why, so you can claim your own trans?

Actually, kinda, yes. I'm currently busy with a Dutch translation of the game, that's also why I want to have my credits there, yes. Problems with that? Anyways, that wasn't my question..

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@Dr.Phibes1482 You probably patched your Rom with the save file inside the save folder. Next time, follow these instructions:

-Move the Rom of your game to your Desktop.

-Move the Patch to your Desktop.

-Open xDelta GUI

-Select the Rom, select the Patch.

-Click apply, wait a few moments until the size says 256MB.

-Move the NEWLY CREATED Rom to your desired folder.

-Move the UN PATCHED Rom to the original folder.

-Find your .SAV from your UN PATCHED Rom,

-Copy, (CTRL+C), and Paste, (CTRL+V), to the folder of your NEWLY PATCHED Rom,

-Re name it to your NEWLY PATCHED Rom,

-It SHOULD work!

-Last step, tell me how it works. Thanks, and good luck! :D

Hey thanks, but it's still didn't work. I think I may have done something wrong but it's cool I'd rather know whats actually going on in the story than running to youtube whenever I can't figure something out.

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Hi, I heard that the V5 patch has a glitch where the game freezes during Wifi battles when Sandstorm is active. I haven't downloaded this patch yet so I haven't tested it out, so has anyone had this problem on Wifi yet?

This is the link to Wilechase's video where he comments on the Wifi glitches in V4 and V5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ugjZyb_ENE

Works fine for me on AKAIO 1.8.

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My game was freezing after the professor's speech. I played on Desmume for a while, and converted my save. On the DS, it freezes after I choose to load the save. It seems the game freezes whenever it's supposed to display the season. I'm playing on an original DS, with the R4 SDHC from www.r4sdhc.com, running Wood R4 v1.14 and using a 4gb Sandisk micro-sd card. I'm considering buying a Sandisk 2gb, since I've read that card works. Is the sd card the reason the game is freezing?

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@randomspot555 Ok, thanks. I couldn't play it yesterday, as I didn't have my charger, and I have no backup of my Save on my PC. I was asking because in the v4 patch as I remember, it was only translated up to the 3rd or 4th town. So I think it's quite lolzy that they're got this far. Thanks again! :D

it goes to show how much effort is put into this project keep up the good work everyone

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