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  1. To play on random wifi or gts you have to wither have the kanji patch or nickname ur pokemon with only 5 letters or if the pokemons English name has 5 or less letters This is because wifi thinks they are hacked when they have more than 5 letters
  2. I tried it It still doesn't let me save or use savestates... I think I might just get a flashcard
  3. Can anyone provide me with a link to download desmume, Cause I can't use savestates or anything like that with mine
  4. I use the wood 1.14 with the dsmenu.dat from the 1.14.2 and the latest usrcheat.dat from gbatemp
  5. I use the latest wood r4 aswell And the game id's have not changed but I can enable cheats but they don't work I believe there is an error in the newest update about not needing the .cc files I think you should just try the wood version below the latest one as that's when they still worked for me Hope this helped
  6. Will version 5 fix the u-turn wifi bug cause at the moment it freezes and it's happened atleast 5 times for me
  7. I just want to say everyone is doing an awesome job But wouldn't it be better to get a completely translated battle and other stuff like that before the story cause the only confusing part in the story is after you beat the seventh gym and even that is easy to figure out if you just fly everywhere
  8. Are the wifi errors translated yet cause I would really love to know what it keeps saying to me when I get kicked off
  9. That happens on my r4 (original) but that isn't because of the English patch it's happened before you apply the English patch too
  10. I just wanted to ask. Is it worth starting a new game for this patch because i played through the whole game without any english last time and just wanted to know when translation stops in this patch?
  11. Ummm I don't know if anyone has said this or not But when u are watching a battle in the vs recorder if you press the skip button it will say Skipping! xffePlease wait! And then it freezes for about 2 minutes It also does this if you skip backwards
  12. Um what are the differences between each type of patch Is it just title screen changes???
  13. Yeah I already changed my language setting But I'm just saying that they only translated new attacks and items into romaji not English
  14. O Well all the new moves and items are all still in romaji And the stats are translated And weather and seasons are meant to change so don't worry about that anyone...
  15. Well I think they will probably do all the menus like for the union room and other wifi stuff before the story And u forgot the moves that are still in romaji
  16. Lol now that it was translated I could figure out what option was mystery gift I just caught 000 Victini psychic fire type legendary event Lol I love having the Japanese game they always get so many more events then us...
  17. When u use dig in a battle this comes up (pokemon) used dig! Then in the next box I think it is meant to say pokemon dug underground or something but it still has Japanese there
  18. Thnx so much to everyone who has been helping translate this so far In the actual v1 what is expected to be translated in that???
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