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  1. im pretty sure 2-3 people who are doing the translations actually said this is OK and NSSvelocity even made a post on how to make your own pacths....seems like he just made this update for ppl who dont want to wait. which theres nothing wrong with that.
  2. i know there not jsut copy pasteing...thats why i said there putting into the apropriate spots. meaning putting in the line breaks and what not =]. and kaa said he"d wait til tomamrrow to merge the GIT which means hes giving them all time to get the story up to date. im almost 99% sure they will wait til the story is fully put in before releaseing another version, just because we have it translated already. i hope anyway =]
  3. most likly it will be the whole story seeing as we already have it all translated for us and jsut have to copy paste it in the appropriate spots. but you never know what could be on it truthfully. just have to wait and see =]
  4. i think this is just the storyline. so random route trainers will have to still be translated and theres still alot of bugs and stuff there working out and spelling corrections. but this is a major breakthrough =] it made me have a nerdgasm!
  5. anyone downloaded this yet? maybe jsut maybe theres translations we can use? doubtful thou lol
  6. thats whats worked for me for a normal save so far. as for save states i havent tried them between versions.
  7. it will say .NDS at the end of the file. jsut make sure it macths the rom name. or DST if its a saved state but i dont think the name matters for saved states...
  8. after receiveing your pokedex upon walking outside you have a conversation with your mom. she starts a sentence by saying "hoa" shouldnt this be "Whoa"? then also she says "ow wait guys" should be "oh wait guys" also says "thats some pritty good mess" should be "pretty"
  9. wouldnt you think everyone would want to be focusing on the storyline as much as possible? thats the fun of these games =]
  10. ok thank you very much. and seeing as i can figure out the GIT stuff who should i send my tranlated files too? also i cant read the jap in that site to use the translator lol
  11. thanks, also whats a good translator because google translate is not always correct.
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