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  1. Just thought I'd let you know, in case it hasn't been noticed yet/// Imprison's reading is a bit off. It said "(Pokemon's Name) in it's way (The Move that's blocked)has put!" Or something along those lines.
  2. v2? There's another as opposed to the one I quoted? OR is there an update for the Supercard I need to get?
  3. Assuming I haven't made a mistake, and I'm pretty sure I haven't, the patch doesn't work on Supercard DSOne. I have the unpatched file, and I put that and the patch, both with the same name, in the the folder that contains xDelta GUI, and create the patched rom, but I get a white screen when I try to load the game on my DS lite.
  4. I couldn't download the patch, for some reason. Is it my computer's fault, or is the link just broken for some weird reason? When I click on the "CLick here to start download" it just sends me to another page. Edit: Got it to work, it was my error. I will look for more translated things as we go. The section for learning moves is still in Japanese, though.
  5. This is gonna be the best birthday gift to myself ever! =D Assuming nothing horrendously off happens to set you all back. Thank you so much, guys, for doing this. It is well appreciated.
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