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  1. <p><p><p><p><p>Happy birthday, Sniper! <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p></p></p></p></p>

  2. can they really delete your save file if you used a cheating device? How would they know, it's not illegal...
  3. Then it's safe to say that this thread can be locked then.
  4. Woops looks like I need to upgrade my team. Oh and i think you need an Ice pokemon in their...
  5. Happy birthday! You going to Canada tonight?
  6. This should be included as a download link on the actual event download page. Good work archanfel.
  7. Wow nice battle. One of my strategies is using Tyranitar with Garchomp... Tyranitar's ability whips up a sandstorm then garchomp's ability makes his evasiveness rise IDK if garchomp is considered an UBER I never checked.
  8. Infractions are usually used to punish a person for not abiding to the forum rules. On many forums (vBulletin) the infraction deducts points from a users rep but because there is no rep system on this forum the infraction points should just accumulate and just have consequences when you reach a certain amount. Like if you get 10 then you are temp banned for a day or so and then 25 temp banned for a week 50 then a month 100 then perma banned... you can adjust the punishments accordingly of course.
  9. You know post count doesn't mean everything and same with user rank... I contributed a lot in the past like when the db first came out but you don't see that in my rank (not complaining btw) and same with post count, maybe some people just post a lot and really have nothing to say. Personally I think a rep system would be fun to have i mean +rep when it is deserved and -rep when it is deserved. Also if one feels that they were wrongfully + or -repped then they can report it to a moderator and the moderator can adjust accordingly. I say it would be a good/fun way to keep the community in a positive spin. Because i'm sure no one here wants -rep by their name...
  10. I have been looking through the Wiki and I have noticed that it's had a good start but I'd love to see this thing take off so I have a suggestion. Who here wants to form a sort of mini clan like group that basically dedicates their time to finishing the Wiki? Like update current info, add new info, finish certain areas that have been started. Touch it up make it look nice. Idk but if anyone is interested I'll add your name to the list and we can get started. PS: This will take time and if you lose focus fast... this might be a bit challenging at first. List
  11. ... I personally think it would be a HORRIBLE idea because this same thing happened when Halo 2 Vista came out... all the pc players were excited halo 2 was coming to pc, around the same time Microsoft made vista. Microsoft made it vista only so people would buy vista. No one bought the game because very few people wanted to pay money to upgrade to vista then pay more money to buy the game (there's more to it but that is just the basics, like the stupid paying to play online and stuff) So if what you guys are saying is that Nintendo will make it DSi only, so people will have to pay money to get the DSi, (lose features like Pal Park) then pay more money to buy the game. Then I say that is a horrible idea. If Nintendo is any better than Microsoft they will learn from the marketing mistake Microsoft did and make it DS, DS Lite and DSi compatible.
  12. Lol Dialga doesn't stand a chance when I use origin form giratina earthquake... (lets not forget that his attack is insane) Giratina ftw.
  13. http://glitchcity.info/ i get all my glitches from here btw.
  14. Hmm well I guess I'm soft-resetting then... UGH! thanks.
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