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  1. I've been using PKHeX for the past few days, and I tried to boot up the application earlier today, and it didn't work. As some addition to this, it didn't even bring up the small rectangular window that normally appears once the file is executed. I have the most recent NET Framework, and I have the most recent version of PKHeX. I'm trying to fix it, but am unsure as of what to do. Are there any fixes to this? EDIT: I forgot to mention that I have tried to run this as an administrator and I have also tried it with the Windows XP Compatibility Pack. (I run Windows 7.) EDIT 2: System restored to a previous point (which would be 2 days ago), have tried restarting computer as well; No results.
  2. Is there anyway to upload an entire box of pokemon via the browser method? If so explain or link me to a thread plz Thx P.S. Kaphotics rules. Too smart for mankind.
  3. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I've been using the browser method for this exploit and I just cant seem to get the shiny function to work. All help is accepted.
  4. Can I edit the Poké Radar count in XY? If yes, how?
  5. Is it possible to remove an entry into the Hall of Fame using RAM2Sav and PKHeX? Let's say that I have two entries in the Hall of Fame in ORAS, and would like to delete one so when I'm battling somebody, it would say that I've only entered the Hall of Fame once, as opposed to twice. Thanks in advance, hope to hear from somebody soon!
  6. I need help! I wanted to download something from MEGA, but it said the download was prevented because it might be a virus. I know it's not a virus, though. I turned off Firewall but still, nothing happened. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi, upon using PKHeX today whenever i hit any save button, the app takes long to respond (maybe forever) Took a snapshot of what is happening And, yeah, i'm using PKHeX's latest version (29-01-2015) Any Thoughts?
  8. hi in pokegen i was able to edit the stats for the pokemon manually for example put his attack 3333 and i was able to beat the black tower in black 2 when i edit the pokemon in pokegen then put the file on pkhex , its back to normal why i want insane stats ? missing with the elite 4 and beat them with level 1 ratata
  9. I have downloaded PKHex because I wanted to try out the new method for Pokegenning, but it won't open. I keep getting this message ( http://prntscr.com/5xqvg4 ) and I have tried to fix it by downloading different versions of .NET Framework, but that hasn't done anything to fix the problem. I would just like some help so I can get PKHex to work. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. Hello everyone, I have an important question and I hope someone can help me out. First of all I'd like to say I do not want to hack in anyway, I would only like to use Pkhex to read TSV and ESV and (most important part for me) trying to make a save file backup of all my 90+ pkmn. With all the corrupted Save File storys showing up I would really love to have a way to back up a Save File with all my Main Pokémon in it, so here goes my actual two questions. When I use the rsavout.bin does it affect my Save File/Pokémon at ANY way? Or does it really only make a copy of the Save File? (fingers crossed for the second, I play legit and I'd like to keep everything that way) Is it possible to use the rsavin.bin to get that Save File backup into the game even if it does not have any save file there (I intend to use the same game card for the backup, but I would still like to replay the game many times)
  11. For some reason my PKHex doesn't work in my HP laptop, I made a download of the latest version, I think it's 01-27-15c and I've been following the steps exactly. I don't know why this is happening. And I think I'm the first person with this problem. Please someone help me. And yeah, I'm spanish, sorry if my English is bad.
  12. Hi, I was wondering if I could get the God Stone, it's in game name is "???", but there are like 20 of them, it's index numbers are 622 and 0x026E. Thanks -trainboy2019
  13. Hello!! so heres my dilemma. i am trying to pokegen using an action replay and my pokemon white version. I've been using Pokemon Generator 3.1.13. I have an entire folder containing "legit" pokemon files so the pokemon can get through pokemon transporter to my Y version.( It has worked before the wifi was shut down so i know the pokemon files are working properly. ) i copied the generated code and placed it in my action replay, turned on the game, when i was in the game i pressed the activating button (Select) and went into my pc. When i clicked on "move pokemon", the error "An error has occured please turn off the power" pops up instead of my box with the pokegenned pokemon. Is there a way around this? and what exactly is the problem??
  14. HI, can i have some info about the wondercard feature in pkhex?? i don't know how it works. I inject the wc6 file into my save, then how can i pick up the pokemon?? And if an event is already over can i still receive the pokemon??
  15. Hello guys, I understand that TID and STID have to be a value between 0 and 65535 each. Are there any TID / SID combinations that are impossible in gen 6? Will it raise any flag with my Pokemon if I change my name, TID and STID in a dumped save?
  16. Hey guys, I have a sky3ds flashcard and can backup my save games to my desktop. When I try to open them with PKHex it gives me the error: Input file is too big (File name). After looking in the source code on github I found this line: string ext = Path.GetExtension(path); FileInfo fi = new FileInfo(path); if (fi.Length > 0x10009C) Util.Error("Input file is too large.", path);[/color] Now the number 0x10009c is equivalent to 1048732 bytes. The save file (.sav) itself is 10485848 bytes which is good. Problem is that the size on drive is 10489856 bytes which is too big. Is it possible to open this file in PKHex, since the limit is clearly set at just the right size to be able to open these .sav files. Please help me out.
  17. i just start to use PKHeX i changed the sex for my trainer from male to female i boot the the game , i saw the save with a female logo trainer hit continue but it wont start i waited 5 minutes is it possible to change the character ?
  18. As mentioned in the other thread, I've tried all kinds of ways, no matter how small the amount of the number I modified, after initiating the game, it says its corrupted. I even tried not to alter a single variable, and just replacing the save over the original one, its corrupted again. I've downloaded the latest version of PKHeX, and the official and latest version of SE; it still didnt work. Can anyone help, Im desperate.
  19. can i use the save from digital pokemon on the sd in the pkhex?? pkhex is supost able to use the sd save because is just decrypt the save
  20. I downloaded the latest update of pkhex and everytime i edit something in pkhex and save it, it gives me data corrupt every time. in the morning i used it (with the older version) and it was working fine.. help please. all i am doing is editing caught pokemon (making them shiny and 6iv) and making 3 new pokemon which are completely legal....
  21. I'm worried now.I checked JP Lineone event. I got it from my friend Previous Geolocation 0 :me Previous Geolocation 1 :my friend Previous Geolocation 2 :owner? He said he got it from French trader.but I guess he/she can not go to Japan event. This Linoone is legit or hacked?
  22. Hey, I'm new to Project pokemon and I was In search to receive some help and I want to gen for 6 gen. All Im wondering Is that could I download PKHex to use on my ENG Save.
  23. What is the meaning of "via trade" in pokedex edit? And I just found out some of my pokemon that the one i haven't encounter or owned has "via traded" already checked? What is the meaning of this? and why not all my vivilion wings type in my pokedex? i already edit and got all of the wings Any one can help me?
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