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  1. yes,i found and caught him however it didn't registered at the pokedex,and i can't find it.
  2. i just opened the island scanner and got this this is definitely a Chikorita.
  3. is there a wondercard for Resolute Form of Keldeo?
  4. so, any pokemon cought by this method will be not legit?
  5. i used this https://github.com/Shadowtrance/BootNTR/releases put the .bin file in the root of SD card and install the cia version run the cia version on any CFW and it should say success run the game and press X+Y to open NTR menu.
  6. it worked but, in horde battle only the first one on the right is shiny.
  7. what NTR are you using? i am on 10.5 rei/GW but it aways says FW not supported. edit: is there a key to activate it? when i load Pokemon OR it flash green for a moment
  8. i know that, if someone found the code , a part of that code contain the shiny value and trainer ID must be edited for any player. someone in GBAtemp found it, but its freeze alot and not perfect.
  9. first, i am not good using cheats , because i don't know where to look and the address my idea is this the shiny Pokemon is tied to your shiny value The shiny value for each trainer is different from each other Then shiny value is 4-5 numbers , you can get it using pkhex. The value of the shiny Pokemon determined once you encounter a Pokemon So, if you activate the code and mode it to match your id, it should make any Pokemon you encounter is shiny. This is what i have right now, my coding is bad so i am asking for your help. of course i am using Gateway cheat engine , if anyone have it please tell me.
  10. that strange usually it never ask me to update my system when i check for new data , even before eshop spoofing now i can't check for new events and asking me to update is there any change in the last update for the game that always ask for update ?
  11. hoopa free code coming soon https://www.facebook.com/maxsoftonline/photos/a.291558770957240.68449.171893702923748/834867893292989/?type=1
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