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  1. I'm also having the same problem as posted above by DeFaz. I've been experiencing random crashes through the entire game so far where the screen will freeze-frame and the music will loop. I have not noticed a common trigger as it happens out of and in battle, but it happens frequently enough that it is halting my progress. I am currently at Phenac Town where you have to fight Cipher Grunt Barney and then Cipher Admin Snattle one after the other, and the game is freezing in either fight, and sometimes in between (as i have tried to get past this many times). I have all of the recommended settings on, and i am playing on the most recent update of Dolphin (5.0 - 10617)
  2. I've been working around on my computer for the past days in order to try to open the program and it still isn't opening - does anyone know how to fix this?
  3. That is exactly what happens to me, yes.
  4. I've been using PKHeX for the past few days, and I tried to boot up the application earlier today, and it didn't work. As some addition to this, it didn't even bring up the small rectangular window that normally appears once the file is executed. I have the most recent NET Framework, and I have the most recent version of PKHeX. I'm trying to fix it, but am unsure as of what to do. Are there any fixes to this? EDIT: I forgot to mention that I have tried to run this as an administrator and I have also tried it with the Windows XP Compatibility Pack. (I run Windows 7.) EDIT 2: System restored to a previous point (which would be 2 days ago), have tried restarting computer as well; No results.
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