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  1. Thanks for all the help guys, I went ahead and just bought an Acekard2i.
  2. So is there no possible way at all to utilize the DSis new sd card slot to use pokesav? Pokemon is the only game I cheat on, and its only to get the pokemon I can't get in the game, so I don't want to have to buy a flash cart or an older ds unless I absolutely have to.
  3. Im really happy you said that because I was just about to ask about it. Since the DSi now has an SD slot, can I just put in a regular SD card, and use that with Pokesav? I've never used a card or Flash Cart, I've always had AR, so all this stuff is a little new to me.
  4. I may have to invest in one of these flash carts, and learn how to use them then.
  5. I actually got the dsi as a gift, so I'm not complaining. Are the flash carts easier to use than the AR?
  6. Hey guys, I no longer have my DS Lite, and I just got a DSi. My problem is I was used to using Pokesav with my action replay on Diamond, and now the AR is no longer compatible with the DSi. They still haven't made a AR for the DSi, so is there any other way to use Pokesav with Platinum on the DSi? I know you can use R4's and stuff but they dont have any legit ones made for the DSi either. Im not sure if this is the right place to post this, but if it is help please?
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