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  1. Route 25 allows Meowth up to level 14 to spawn, according to serebii.net. Because the routes so smoothly intersect without physical barriers, it's very likely that a Meowth on Route 25 may have spawned at level 14 and then moved over the threshold into Route 24, where it was then caught. I don't know if there's many routes like this-- the first that come to mind are water routes and Cycling Road + its connected areas-- but they could be worth study for future PKHX legality checks.
  2. PKHeX can support more minimal ROM hacks, but ones with more significant changes may be corrupted or simply not work. If they have custom moves, items, locations or species, then it's not going to like that in the slightest. I've been able to edit a Crystal Clear v1.2b .sav of mine, for example. PKHeX treats it as a normal Crystal save due to how much of the original game and content is preserved. (The only issues I found were incorrect displays for a couple PC boxes, but it didn't harm anything.) But it'll still toss a fit about all the Pokemon obtained in ways that they cannot be obtained in the vanilla game (Crystal Clear has a lot of modified wild data, Game Corner prizes, alternate starter choices etc), or if they have moves that are not available to them in the original. I don't know anything about Liquid Crystal, but it may just have content that PKHeX is allergic to. I'd love to see editors for ROM hacks out there, though. Being able to properly fiddle with my assorted Touhoumon .sav files would be excellent.
  3. Alternate ending #3: you edit the maps on the ROM so that there's no necessity for HMs, as it was in the Crystal Clear hack. This would involve things such as removing HM-related objects (cut trees, strength and rock smash boulders), making bridges over water, and possibly coming up with more unique options to get to water-heavy areas. Alternatively/additionally, have very easy access to a Move Deleter and/or Move Reminder. Crystal Clear, as you know, did all of this very effectively: it removed most boulders and cut trees, added in small land bridges in some places as well as paths to get around waterfalls, and rigged up an easy ferry system that would take the player to areas such as Cianwood City and Cinnabar Island. You only needed HMs for fully optional content such as the Dragon's Den*, the Whirl Islands, Mt. Mortar, and things like items behind cut trees or rock smash-encounter Pokemon. You never had to use HMs if you didn't want to, and the Move Deleter was accessible from early on rather than at the end of the game. In my recent 100% playthrough, the only HM I actively used was Surf, but I could easily swap other HMs onto my team thanks to there being a Move Reminder NPC in the game to re-teach whatever move I deleted. * yes I know it's not optional in gsc + hgss, but in Crystal Clear, it was edited so Clair just gives the player the badge rather than sending them on a proof of worth quest. bless
  4. It appears it's going to be a Wi-Fi distribution, at least according to its entry over here. I'm a little skeptical about the distribution dates listed there, as May 3rd and 4th are a pretty short window for a Wi-Fi event, but I suppose we'll see in a little less than a month. Other than OT and ID Number, they're just clones of the Legends 2018 ones. (Gold Bottle Cap for a hold item, Classic Ribbon, random nature+IVs, etc.) It's kind of a shame that they're copy-pasted like that, but it's nice to see that other countries are getting easy access to lv100, reset-able legendaries, since it's especially relevant for VGC this year.
  5. Do the nature/IVs of these Pokemon matter to you? I can get you the Tapu Lele and Mimikyu if you still need them, but I'd prefer not to reset too many times for them.
  6. My best recommendation is to just not use the same PID and set of information for an assortment of different Pokemon in the first place. Depending on how XD generates its Pokemon, it may just be impossible for the game's Hitmonlee to have that specific PID while other Pokemon can have it due to their specific circumstances. Specific combinations of IVs, nature, species, and gender (if applicable) may simply not work, depending on how the RNG in XD is rigged up. Hypothetically, it should work as long as you're keeping everything completely accurate (met level, encounter location, etc). But gen 3 RNG + PID creation can be a bit whacky at times... and copy-pasting PID across different species is already getting into messy territory with editing. I cannot name your exact problem here, but it shouldn't surprise that some of your results are flagged as illegal when you're making edits that range into the very implausible (multiple different Pokemon having the same PID).
  7. In generation 3 (and 4), PIDs are extremely finicky things. IVs, nature, species, encounter type, and other factors all impact the PID, and you definitely cannot copy-paste a PID from one Pokemon to another and expect it to completely work. I would instead suggest taking the Hitmonlee you caught in your save and edit it, rather than copying Hitmonchan's information and building a Hitmonlee out of it. PKHeX in general can be a bit odd with Colo/XD. I've had PKHeX mark completely legitimate stuff from my Colosseum save with the "Encounter Type PID Mismatch" status, even though the only edits were de-evolving starters and whatnot. In a later update, that supposed illegality was completely gone. However, if you want a functional but not fully legal Pokemon, the Hitmonlee you built will likely be perfectly usable and legal ingame. The games rarely seem to care about minor issues like this, even if they're implausible or impossible in the games proper.
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