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  1. It seems to have been already reported there. Should I just ignore the legality report then?
  2. ... But that was a legit catch? And an unedited pokémon? Wut? I *may* have had a lure, since I was trying to catch a few shiny early on... But I'm not even sure about that. I had a warning about me removing my card while the Switch was on and Windows "repaired" it, so I guess there's an incredibly small chance that a bit of the file was corrupted exactly there, but still, that is so unlikely (still, only one bit flipped if no encryption, I guess). -Edit- Does route 25 have higher level? Because it allows route 25. And, if so, can one spawned in one route get caught in the other and be claimed as such?
  3. I only edited my save by the time my pokémon had evolved into a Persian and want to apologize for assuming it was generalized to Meowth. I think I have a backup of that save, so I'll look it up. -Edit- Indeed, all the Meowth are valid, but not the Persian, submitting a picture.
  4. The title pretty much says it all but version 19/04/02 flags route 24 as invalid for meowth/persian and only accept route 25. My valid meowth was caught in game on 24 and it is pretty well documented on other sites that it can be caught on those 2 routes. Hope this help :) P.S.: This only applies to Let's Go Eevee, I think Let's Go Pikachu don't have Meowth.
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