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  1. Apologies if I haven't chosen the correct topic board for this query. Essentially my situation is - on a nostalgia wave I bought an old Heartgold game cartridge for my DS lite. At the start of my Heartgold I traded a couple of my shineys from my old Diamond game onto my new one, with the plan to turn them from level 5s into absolute beasts. Turns out the Heartgold cartridge I bought was corrupted and, while it stills works up to a point where it loads the game itself and allows to me start a new game and acknowledges I have saved data on it, it black screens when I try to load my game. After looking online and finding very vague answers regarding this I believe it's possible to transfer my saved data onto a different cartridge. I was hoping someone here would be able to give more detail/links to some solid advice on the additional hardware/steps I would need to go through to do this, as it would be a damn shame to lose some rare pokemon for the sake of a busted game cartridge.
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