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  1. Thank you, I'll check his Hidden Power right now. His current stats are: HP 148 Attack 82 Defense 125 Sp. Attack 117 Sp. Defense 144 Speed 76
  2. Sadly, the earliest save state I've got is one where is level 39, the last one is on level 54. I suppose my only solution at the moment is leveling him up, but still I need to do perfect EVs. In this video, for example, uses arbitrary code execution to level up to 100 fast with perfect IVs/EVs, this is the most closest solution of what I'm looking for, but still I need the IVs to be untouched, other way my shiny Togetic could not be shiny anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEOOCpNTx88
  3. According to the creator's site, the save file can only be restored from version 2.0 upwards, my phone can't run version 2.0: http://arktos.se/meboy/version160.php Also I can't access the internal memory of my phone (it's an LG ME970 from 2009), I've tried installing various Java explorers for my phone to look the internal files, without success. So I suppose the files could be inside the internal memory (which I can't access easily), or inside the Java application. Unless I could contact someone who can disassembly the phone and the internal memory. But I think is way too complicated, that's why I've decided to make a clone of it.
  4. Currently, there's no tool or easy way to do that. I suggest to use https://github.com/pret/pokered which is the dissasembly of Pokémon Red and Blue and learn some asm and programming. In Pokémon Anniversary Red hack it was implemented a Oak Battle after beating the Elite 4 and catching all 151 Pokémon, here's the source code you can use as reference: https://github.com/TwitchPlaysPokemon/pokemonAnniversaryRed/blob/master/scripts/halloffameroom.asm There's all I can say for the moment, I'm not yet very experienced with this.
  5. Hello there, back in 2010 I've got a Shiny Togepi hatched from the Egg without any kind of glitches, cheats or hacks. On Pokémon Crystal. Here's a pic of him: https://i.imgur.com/kWoCald.jpg Short story: I need to find out his IVs/Evs to clone him properly on PkHex. Long story: In current days, I still have the save file, but the problem is that it was emulated on a mobile phone, on MeBoy 1.6 for Java. I've researched on how I could extract the save file since it's still alive, even with Bluetooth apps, sadly there's no way for this version of the emulator to dump the save file. So it's trapped on the phone forever. I already accepted that I'm not going to recover that save file anymore. So I decided to clone it with PkHex, my biggest issue: I can't get the IVs/EVs. I thought on leveling up to 100, and find a way to get the EVs to 65535 so then I could calculate his original IVs. Anyone knows anyway to recover him, or find this data fast as possible? I don't have a problem on using glitches since I can save multiple save states.
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