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  1. Hi, I just managed to dump my save with submodule's gb01 cartridge reader. It contains my childhood Mew. I'd gotten 2 Mews for my Blue and Yellow German Versions in Bremen, Germany in 2000 or so (whenever that was) It was the official distibution event with the mew machines etc. Unfortunately I transferred my Blue Version Mew to my silver one, which died a while ago . However the yellow one lasted, and I transferred the Mew to a battery swapped Blue version and finally to Stadium 2 while waiting for the cartridge reader. It arrived today, and here's the save. It's OT is HAMBURG ID: 00230 Unfortunately it's Level is 100 for I used it as a kid in my team. Pokémon Gelbe Edition Special Pikachu Edition Mew.sav
  2. Hi! I'm new here for I wanted to share my save or whatever file, containing my legit 1st generation german mew (From the distribution 2000 or so in Bremen Germany, Trainer ID 00230, OT HAMBURG). After I lost my first one on my silver version to an empty battery I prayed for my yellow one, containing my other mew, not to fail and ordered a submodule gb01. Meanwhile I saved that Mew on a newly bought battery swapped Blue version and finally on my newly bought n64 stadium 2. Finally the submodule gb01 arrived today after months of delay and I was able to create the save, containing the mew. So my question would be, where ist the best location to upload the file? should I edit the save and somehow extract the pokemon? or do I simply upload the save file? Thanks and cheers!
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