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  1. I had a look around and didnt see this mentioned , so i hope it not a dupe. I received the Pokemon news email this morning and it seems there is a new Shaymin event to be released 6/30 to celebrate the 20th Aniv of the Pokemon Center http://www.pokemon.co.jp/sp/pokecen_20th/
  2. Damn, sorry i will try again , sure i have these gbfan saves already somewhere
  3. POKEMON_EMER_selebi2006.zip POKEMON_FIRE&LEAF_selebi2006.zip POKEMON_RUBY&SAPP_selebi2006.zip
  4. Its looking like an excuse to sell some new t-shirts lol
  5. The source is from the weekly email i get sent from Pokemon.co.jp , looking at it, i thought maybe there was going to be a new Magikarp event but maybe not
  6. Not sure what this is all about
  7. https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/a-new-movie-and-a-new-pikachu-for-you/ Starting September 19, check back here on Pokemon.com to discover a code that allows you to receive a Pikachu wearing one of six different hats in your game. Each hat is based on the hat Ash wore in the various regions he and Pikachu explored. Not only will each Pikachu sport a different hat, but they will also come equipped with a unique set of moves that reflect those that Pikachu would often use in the region that corresponds with the hat it wears. PLEASE NOTE: You will only be able to use this code once! The date you choose to enter the code will determine which hat and move set your special Pikachu will have. This means you're going to have to be very careful when deciding on which Pikachu you wish to add to your party. Study the schedule below, and get ready to choose your Pikachu! 9/19/17 – 9/25/17: Original hat (Kanto and Johto regions) 9/26/17 – 10/2/17: Hoenn region hat 10/3/17 – 10/9/17: Sinnoh region hat 10/10/17 – 10/16/17: Unova region hat 10/17/17 – 10/23/17: Kalos region hat 10/24/17 – 10/30/17: Alola region hat
  8. Brock & Misty returns to “Pocket Monsters: Sun & Moon” once again in special episodes (to be aired on September 14th & 21th, 2017)! Ash will be battling against their Mega Steelix & Mega Gyarados!
  9. Cool, it might be worth starting Silver now then, and import the save file when the VC versions are released
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