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  1. Thanks for the reply seems strange that the balls reverts to a normal ball outside HGSS though, I'm surprised by that
  2. Sorry for this but I'm just checking I read this right In the box for selecting the pokeball type (just above the box for selecting the ability) I need to select Pokeball and then set the correct 86h value and this will be an apricorn ball? What happens if these are then traded to, for instance, Diamond where the 86h value is not read? Will the ball just show as a normal pokeball?
  3. I think your trying to put party pokemon in your boxes which won't work because party Pokemon have more data I suggest if those pokemon are needed specifically that you empty your party in game then reuse pokesav to add them to your party
  4. I don't really anymore At first I thought that the ROM patches had screwed the data of Mew and thats why it was showing as a hack in Legit.exe Now though, I just want to do this for my own curiosity (I hate not knowing how to do something so I've got to see this through now)
  5. I see, so the data is OK just Legal doesn't like it. Also how do I get the PGT? I used PCD safe to get the PCD but when I open the .sav with Soul Silver Pokesav the event area is greyed out so I can't save the PGT that way
  6. Anyway to make a SS wondercard work in platinum? whenever I SR my Mew in SS it shows up as a hack in Legal, I assume this is in someway due to the language patches applied to my back up ROM(?) I was wondering if using the WC PCD in platinum would help but when I add it to my .sav the green dude doesn't show up at the pokemart any help appreciated
  7. Most PC based code editors have a 'get game ID from ROM' so does that not work? find that and replace the code and maybe they will work
  8. [spoiler/]Chansey Event legal/legit event move Wish
  9. a friend of mine recieve a wish chansey in a trade it had natural cure as its ability but on evolution changed to serene grace am I right in thinking this is a hack? it shows as uncommon GBA in legit.exe what should the type show as I was expecting GBA event restricted/unrestricted Anyhow any help appreciated files attached for a look see wish chan.pkm blissey.pkm
  10. Where? sorry I'm ignorant.....but willing to admit it
  11. You shouldn't hack events you know.....its very naughty, shame on you You can't get anything from the database as its not up anyway and hasn't been for a while now
  12. I suppose you could just hack on the move but it wouldn't make it an event pokemon I'm not sure if pokesav has the algorithm for Gen III events built in or not (I don't think it does for gen IV Mystery Gift) plus poke box I'm guessing would need the correct Trainer Info i.e OT, TID and SID All this information is available but I can't imagine many people would be that bothered
  13. What is Umbreon passing? Its a wasted slot on him Other than that I agree that Leafeon is a bad lead, maybe try Jolteon
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