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  1. If unpatched, follow this: https://nh-server.github.io/switch-guide/user_guide/sysnand/sd_preparation/
  2. Hi. Don't do that. There are many, many event flag differences between Scarlet and Violet, and trying to convert one to the other would require a significant amount of time and research to determine all the flags and values that need to be altered. You're welcome to take the save apart and research those flags and values, but honestly it would take less time for you to just make a new save on Violet, give yourself high level Pokémon and items/money to quickly regain any lost progress, and transfer your Pokémon over from the old Scarlet savefile.
  3. Max Soup can only be fed to fully evolved Pokémon that can Gigantamax, excluding Melmetal which cannot eat Max Soup at all. The only pre-evolved Pokémon with the Gmax factor are from past events, or in-game gifts such as the G-max Charmander gifted to you in post-game.
  4. This issue appears to have been resolved already, people are reporting they're tradable once again.
  5. Because it's possible to transfer them between games, you can easily move a Shiny Arceus or Giratina from BDSP into Legends via HOME. It's not legal to make the one you obtain in Legends Arceus shiny, because that encounter is shiny locked. Eternatus is only available as shiny from the recent Gamestop event. Use the Mystery Gift Database under Tools > Data, and if it isn't there, then download the wondercard from here:
  6. I can't recreate the issue. I loaded my Ruby save, changed something, and selected Export SAV. It exported my savefile perfectly. If you want to resolve this, you need to explain in detail what's happening, provide any error messages, even a video clip would help. The devs can't fix it if they can't reproduce the error.
  7. "Invalid: Static Encounter shiny mismatch" is not the same error as PID Mismatch. That error indicates that the encounter you selected is either shiny-locked, or cannot be the shiny type (Square, Star, or just generally wrong value) you set. Can you give an example of the legendaries and/or mythicals you're trying to make Shiny (species, game of origin, etc)? Because several encounters in SWSH, BDSP, and PLA are shiny-locked, (as are many in past-generations).
  8. 1: It says level/trade unsatisfied. If the Vespiquen is the same level as the met level when it was a Combee, and/or below level 21, then it can't be evolved. Trade evolution conditions only apply to Pokémon that evolve via trade. 2: PID uses a different format (decimal I believe) in the batch editor, so "12345678" in hexidecimal would be 305419896 in the batch editor,
  9. This has been resolved on the latest dev build of PKHeX, and will also be fixed in the next stable release.
  10. No, it's not. The guide explains how to calculate a given value if provided with the other values.
  11. That's not surprising, sounds like they only really included stuff needed to properly recreate them as a mock NPC, and have the Pokémon appear with the correct battle values/shininess/form. The rest wouldn't need to be there since it has no bearing on a battle.
  12. If your issue is PID mismatach, please use the PID mismatch guide: https://projectpokemon.org/home/tutorials/save-editing/using-pkhex/pid-mismatch-origin-game-swsh-r114/
  13. If you are unwilling or unable to follow the guides, I suggest installing Autolegalitymod, so you don't have to return begging others to legalize things for you every time: https://github.com/architdate/PKHeX-Plugins/wiki/Installing-PKHeX-Plugins https://github.com/architdate/PKHeX-Plugins/wiki/Getting-Started-with-Auto-Legality-Mod
  14. Make sure to have saved ingame twice and that it's been properly extracted via Checkpoint or JKSM/JKSV. https://projectpokemon.org/home/tutorials/save-editing/managing-3ds-saves/ If you are moving the savefile via FTP, also make sure your client is set to Binary mode, not ASCII, as ASCII will cause corruption.
  15. No. Those Pokémon do not exist in the game ROM itself and cannot be added by PKHeX. Adding them to the game would require a full ROM hack to add the proper data for all missing species.
  16. The issue with all three of these is related to PID Mismatch. See our guide for solving that here:
  17. Dump the correct patches from your Switch, many Pokémon were not introduced into the game until the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra update patches.
  18. As a sidenote, this line on Bulbapedia makes me believe that even more data is stored by the Pokéwalker: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokéwalker#Other_Pok.C3.A9walkers If this is to be believed, this would imply that the trainer data and entire party for the player is also stored by the Pokéwalker, because the game reconstructs a battleable version of the other player in the Trainer House. I suspect that would imply the Pokéwalker is capable of storing fully formed pkm data, rather than just partial pkm data, since it clearly can store an entire team of 6 from the player party.
  19. The savefile must be a properly exported savefile. Savestates cannot be used with PKHeX, and some emulators may also produce files of the incorrect size or format. Moving files using FTP can also cause corruption if the FTP client is not set to Binary mode, as ASCII mode will alter the data.
  20. Both of these errors are known issues. The Clefairy distribution dates have already been fixed in the PKHeX Development build, and will be resolved in the next stable release. Please only report issues if they can be reproduced in the most recent dev build, and you've made sure it's not user error. The Dracovish issue is with the wondercard itself, which contains an error. This issue is on GameFreak's end, not PKHeX's. You can resolve it by creating a folder named mgdb in the same directory as PKHeX.exe, and putting the "fixed" wc8 file in that folder. To my knowledge, this fixed wondercard will also be included in the next stable release.
  21. If you absolutely must download that version, you're free to download the old commit and build it in Visual Studio yourself, release builds for very old legacy versions are not available. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/releases/tag/19.07.05
  22. I'm not sure if PKHeX has documented the date range for that event yet. It will be resolved later, just select a day on or after Sept 3rd 2022 and ignore the warning for now.
  23. As far as I'm aware, this may already be resolved in the latest development build of PKHeX, can you check again using that build?
  24. Please make sure to report errors only after trying to reproduce the issue on the latest development build: If the issue doesn't occur there, then it's already been resolved, and will appear fixed in the next release of PKHeX.
  25. When a Ribbon is equipped, the Pokémon will display their title in every battle. Here's an example, the Espeon below has the Earth Ribbon (from Mt. Battle in Pokémon Colosseum or XD: Gale of Darkness) equipped, and the Noctowl has the National Ribbon, (Shadow Pokémon obtain this ribbon when purified).
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