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  1. Hey. I see this thread is old and apologize if it's inappropriate to use it but I just started playing Nightmare Moon and want to evolve a Riolu. I'm realizing now when it's failing to do so at a friendship level of 255 (supposedly the necessary level is 220) that it must not be the canon friendship/daytime thing. So I Googled for the solution (which is how I found this thread) but have found only this statement: Will someone please elaborate?
  2. Thanx, I'll keep this in mind.
  3. @theSLAYER Color me intrigued. Could you explain this further? Sorry, I'm not savvy.
  4. It was cleared and then could be run but it wouldn't open my game file. I've returned to using my old version. Last night I moved on to something else, I tried to get homebrew on my 3DS to import a cartridge file for use with PKHex but it didn't work. Most access points were supposedly patched and no longer usable and the internet browser QR code methods errored. I just wanted to shiny-ify a Rowlet in Moon because I've been soft-resetting without success (or screwed it up at least one of the several times I dropped my 3DS in the middle of scrolling through the cut scene which gets me the 'the game card came out' error even though it never actually does) since I got the game about two years ago (I know I'm absolutely ridiculous but I MUST have the shiny Rowlet, it's just so beautiful!). I didn't get around to checking my 3DS software version and read it doesn't work with some so perhaps it was that. I think I'm gonna give in and get Powersaves for this one. I'd been holding back not wanting to pay $20 for one cheat but I'm gettin' tired of this.
  5. I added it as an exception WITHOUT having to delete it and reinstall it, there aren't instructions for that from what I could understand but it had no effect. I appreciate the effort @theSLAYER but I don't mind just sticking with the previous version I was using.
  6. Thanx for the response. I tried scanning it and it instantly popped up an Avast window that came back clean. Not sure what exactly that means. Fortunately, it turns out that I didn't delete the old version from my downloads folder so I was able to get that back.
  7. 'Sup? I'm a newer user of PKHex. I've been using it for the past month or so and have been enjoying it greatly with OR and now currently Y ROMs. This evening I noticed a hyperlink in the software window to an update so I clicked it and was led to this: I installed it but am unable to use this version. 1. It was intercepted by my antivirus, Avast: 2. I get a pop-up that says I don't have sufficient permissions to access the file: I'm annoyed at myself for my tendency to be hasty. It did not occur to me to check how current this "update" is and somehow I didn't keep the page where I downloaded my previous version, the one I was able to use without issues. Now I can not find it. What can I do? I use a Lenovo Flex 14 Laptop with Windows 10.
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