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  1. I ADORE this hack and I'm having so much fun with it. I love PMD Sky so much and this makes it even better. I'm just about to begin the expedition and I'm psyched to not have to worry about my recruits falling behind in levels during this part. Do you mind if I make some suggestions for future things to add? These are just suggestions, I don't know how hard these would be to do but here's some I thought of while playing. - Renaming recruits. I hate when I come up with a better nickname for a recruit later but there's no way to change it. Or if I have nothing in mind immediately for the name I can just put it on the backburner for later and continue playing the game. PMD DX lets you do this and it was great. - Favorite recruits. I don't know if this is possible, but it would be cool if you could "star" certain recruits so they always show up on top of the assembly list. - Move tutors. Especially an egg move tutor. I think it would be really cool if Pokemon had access to their egg moves. I know Pokemon hatched from eggs can have them, but that is the only way to get egg moves on Pokemon and you can't even choose the moves, or the Pokemon you're even getting for that matter. Mons recruited any other way never have a chance to get egg moves, especially starters. Which brings me to my next suggestion... - Give all heroes/partners one egg move at the start. Modern PMD games do this, but in Sky, only the nonstandard hero/partners get them. This would immensely help out starter Pokemon that have lackluster movepools. In my game my hero is a Cyndaquil and I am hard pressed trying to give her varied move types, whereas her partner Munchlax had the egg move Zen Headbutt at the start. I think the tutors would be really cheap if there was immediate access to it so maybe there could be some item you give in exchange, like how Super Mystery Dungeon has gold bars. I don't know how hard that would be to implement but the simplest might be to add some kind of rare item to the game and they can be given in exchange for the leaning the move. Maybe Gold Ribbons? Then they would have a use.
  2. I love this hack but I have a huge issue with it that hampers my enjoyment of it. Why are the EV training guys in Pyrite so strong? Right before I fought Snattle I was EV training with few problems, but then after beating Snattle I wanted to do it some more, only to find that the Pyrite trainers had a huge boost in power. It's nice getting 9 EVs per fight, except I can't even reliably defeat all 3 with the Pokemon I'm trying to train because they match the power of my Pokemon. Except the construction worker that gives HP EVs, oddly. His mons stayed at level 26, so I have no problem with him. I spent a while giving HP EVs to certain Pokemon because that's the only one I can easily defeat. The special attack EV guy in particular is brutal. Because of his Gengar's Shadow Tag, I can't even swap out to a dummy Pokemon to prevent it from being knocked out and losing out on the EVs. It's infuriating, frankly. I get it's so you gain more EXP, but there are other ways to simply grind EXP with Pokemon up to par with yours. At the very least, please change that guy's Gengar to a different ability. I have to keep resetting the game until Gengar is sent out first so I can kill it before it can kill either of my mons I'm trying to train (which right now involves having my Clefable hold a Wise Glasses to OHKO Gengar with Psyshock... which is a range and if it doesn't KO I have to reset), and then I can swap as needed to make sure my mons get the EVs. I just don't think EV training should be this difficult is all. Speaking of which, sorry if this was already answered, but is there a way to reset EVs in a stat? And if not, will that be added? And, can you make it so the cursor defaults on "Yes" when it asks if you want to continue the save?
  3. Hi, love the idea of this, but being on a Windows, I'm unable to make patches of my own. If it isn't too much trouble, can you make a patch where just the trainers' Pokemon are randomized (random gift Pokemon too), trade evolutions are level 40, and the starters are Marshtomp and Raichu? Make sure Marshtomp replaces Espeon so that way it's level 24 and will therefore still have Water Gun. (It gets Mud Sport at level 25, which would replace Water Gun in its moveset.) Only if it's not too much trouble, I understand if you're busy! EDIT: Or can anyone with a Mac do that for me? I'd really appreciate it!
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