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  1. Nope! I don't plan on making anything like this until I finish all the regional forms/Arceus fight.
  2. Thank you! Move/Ability creation and editing isn't a thing. The only abilities changed are partner/starter abilities and are documented in the changelog.
  3. Hello! I'd like to showcase my first ever ROM hack - A slight difficulty and quality of life hack for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. My main goal with this hack is to introduce quality of life changes, new dungeon variety, new Pokémon spawn lists all while making the original game harder! (But not Kaizo hard) I am also trying to steer away from unnecessary dialogue additions and anything that could take away from a player's experience or ruin immersion. While not directly influenced by Drayano or his hacks, this ROM hack shares similarities in the way Drayano approaches h
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