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Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Sketch Version 1.1

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Pokémon Colosseum and XD where you can only use Smeargles. Simple has that. But why play this hack instead of using Smeargles in the base game?

First, the Smeargles are given to you and/or have to be captured, so you don't need any external software to put them in your team.

Second, que Smeargles have edited stats. The goal of these hacks is to beat the game taking moves from enemies, not grinding. After testing this myself, I think I got the sweetspot for the new stats, where they aren't that great but they aren't trash.



-You can only use Smeargles. Shadow Pokémon have a stupid low catch rate, and wild Pokémon don't appear in XD. You'll get a Master Ball in Colosseum, but you'll get something else in XD.

-Smeargles are slightly improved to minimize level grinding. Their new stats are 55/55/55/55/55/75. Their ability is now Trace.

-Miror B. won't appear for rematches, since you can't capture the Shadow Pokémon anyway.

-Very few text changes to adapt the changes.

-Custom banner.

- *.xdelta file and the software needed to path your iso.


Check out my other hacks:

poison.png.87e92873f5d15d87bdc4f0eb0215dc8f.png logoredux.thumb.png.e1b554118acef098e632d97e78450d6e.pnglogo.thumb.png.186dc6f07a279c24456e937e8dcfa817.png


Edited by JagGentlemann

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


-Fixed every Shadow Smeargle having 31 IVs in Colosseum, it's random now.

-Fixed every Shadow Smeargle having Hardy nature in Colosseum, it's random now.

-Both starter Smeargles in Colosseum are now level 26.

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· Edited by HopeFragment

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Previously I wrote a comment, I perhaps should've waited a bit and played more first. I started with the Colosseum version, as I know Colosseum a bit better than XD. I was gonna play the XD one after beating Colosseum. But that probably won't happen because I don't like the way this hack was approached.

What I like are the changes to Smeargle's base stats (because battles are quite slow in the GC games so grinding is kinda painful, which you will need to do a lot of lategame with Smeargle's usual stats) but even more so, the fact that they start with 4 Sketches, and their new ability, Trace. Trace shenanigans are fun and I'm surprised Smeargle can't actually have trace in canon Pokemon games.

What I don't like is pretty much everything else.

You start, of course, with two Smeargles in place of Umbreon and Espeon. My first problem is that like the Umbreon and Espeon, they're not at the same level. 26 and 25 respectively. An important thing to do in a Smeargle run is to decide what kind of builds you want to give each Smeargle based on their stats. But you can't easily compare the stats of the Smeargles if they're not the same level. Because of this, I think it would be better for them to both be at level 25 when you start. Which brings me to... the way you get the other Smeargles. 

The way you get the other Smeargles is they are Shadow Pokemon, you snag them. As of the Pyrite Building, which is what I got up to before writing this review and may be quitting, I snagged 3 Smeargles; my party consists of 5 Smeargles. The Shadow Smeargles all appear to have the same (perfect?) IVs, and a neutral nature. This bothers me for two different reasons. One, giving them all fixed perfect IVs and a neutral nature ruins the fun of deciding which Smeargle should be the special attacker, which Smeargle should be the physical attacker, the support, etc. Two, more importantly, the starter Smeargles did not get this treatment. The starter Smeargles have a random nature and random IVs. Chances are, your starters are significantly worse than the Shadow Smeargles even if you reset for good ones (which would be a pain to do because you have to soft reset for two Pokemon rather than one). It makes me hope that later on there will be two more Shadow Smeargles to replace my starters with that will have perfect stats. I think if you'eegna make the Shadow Smeargles perfect you may as well make the starters perfect too. In XD this wouldn't be so bad since you only have one starter, but after many resets for good IVs you're still goimg to have a Smeargle that's inferior to the ones you snag.

And of course there's the issue I discussed earlier. Even if they were given random IVs and natures like the starter Smeargles, they're not the same level so you cannot compare their stats to assign them their roles. And you don't get them all at the same time, so they won't have any EVs but your starter Smeargles would.

Another annoyance is because the Smeargles are shadow, they have one of their precious move slots taken up by Shadow Rush, which is annoying in Colosseum because it takes so long to actually be able to purify the Smeargles. I am sure this is also not as annoying in XD, possibly not annoying at all because in XD you have access to purification pretty much right away. 

I understand that you probably got the idea to have Smeargles gradually added to the game (via needing to snag them as shadow mon) because starting with 6 would make it too easy at the start especially with their stat buff, but to compensate you could make them all a bit lower leveled than 25 maybe.

For me, with all that I would much rather play vanilla Colosseum with my party hacked to have 6 Smeargles from the start, like what Pikasprey did. (Not that I can do that since I don't know how to hack. So, yeah this was pretty disappointing to me. 3 stars because it's certainly playable, people might not find all those things I complained about annoying, but I found them annoying.)

Response from the author:

Hey, thank you for the feedback.

The IV thing is a bug that I noticed in some hacks I made later, so I'll fix it in the next days (you'll see that the file is updated). About the level of the starters, I'll also make them both the same level. About the nature, I'll have to check if I can make them random, I thought they were but I don't have my save anymore to check.

Everything else, I suppose I can make all the Shadow Smeargles you get level 30, but they'll have to have Shadow Rush, because if I change it to Sketch, once purified it'll most likely be gone.

In the XD hack you start with a team of six and you get a gift Shadow one later.

Anyway, even if I update the patch, the Smeargles in your save will be unchanged. If you want to continue playing, you can edit your save with PkmGCSaveEditor and use something like random.org to assign new IVs. I know this is a workaround that you shouldn't do in the first place, but at least it doesn't take long to do.

Edit: The new version has been uploaded!

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