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  1. Hello since I only have a Switch Lite and have no access to injection(unless I'm missing some loophole) I'd like to ask someone to please trade me some particular Mews for my playthrough of Let's Go Pikachu and a second Mew of any kind for my Dex in Sword since you can't put something back into LGPE once it's been sent to SWSH.Region for both preferred to be US.
  2. Amazing!I was hoping something like this would get created when SkyTemple had that sweet update.
  3. This is incredibly cool!Very excited to see what kind of romhacks people come up with.
  4. This looks pretty cool,any chance someone has the patch?
  5. Yeah me too,the new update won't patch correctly... Edit:Someone on another forum managed to fix the patch and uploaded it onto a MEGA folder.This link contains ONLY the patch collection and does not contain roms of any kind.Will delete if OP or mods ask. Mod edit: Link removed.
  6. Hey,thanks for making a fix for those of us with the dolphin troubles!
  7. I did everything that otherp oster did but it crashes when I use any move.This exact file I patched has always worked flawlessly with the old updates...
  8. Hey,can we expect 1.2.0 in time for the new year?Really enjoying this hack.
  9. I think it's great how you continue to update this!I think I'll give it another go once we're sure it doesn't need any more big updates.Unless you're sure its future proofed?
  10. Awesome to hear a new update is coming!I've had to hold off on playing the game to far because of my extensive backlog but will move it up for sure after 1.0.7 is here.Thought it was funny how a certain girl kept using hashtags lol.The 1 problem i did have playing it was freezing at the purify chamber part but maybe that was just dolphins fault.
  11. I finally found the exact rom you used on a blog site!Patching worked and the game is good.I had given up for months.
  12. I have the same problem as them, and when I did it your way the game hangs after the nintendo logo.I also posted in the other thread but it seems he(the creator) hasn't been there for awhile.
  13. Hello,I joined because I have this problem patching 1.0.4,the file in NUPS "doesn't match the file" and when I ignore and patch anyway the game freezes after the Nintendo logo on a black screen.What do I do?Clean rom works at 100% speed. Game ID GXXE01 Country USA Because of the nintendo mass DMCAs I may not be able to find the right rom
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