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  1. Will be streaming a permadeath run at twitch.tv/nuxl over the next week or somes. The VOD is up for the first two hours.
  2. Maybe this is unnecessary, but is it possible to add a setting for singles/doubles with Orre Colosseum for the other colosseums?
  3. Did you catch the poochyena in 1.1.2? The Poochyena line no longer has fur coat, instead it has rattled -> moxie in 1.1.3, so it probably updated when you purified it.
  4. I see. I will miss the unique typing for sure(having a slow, bulky dragon where most other dragons are speedy and offensive is a change of pace). I do think it's weird that Sceptile and Altaria have the unique changes and that Ampharos doesn't though, even though all 3 have megas that give alternate typings, but for simplicity's sake, that's fair. Gotcha. I only asked so that I could download the files on mobile without needing to download the patch. Sounds great! Thanks for the response. EDIT: Had another question; you mentioned Follow Me was removed for Wide Guard because of technical limitations. I always thought Follow Me was really cool for boosting moves. Now, a few months later, do you think it's possible to include both in the game or is it still one or the other?
  5. Cool to see this hack release a new update! Can't wait to play this game again! Few questions though: Ampharos is no longer electric/dragon, it seems? I think this change made more thematic sense because of the mega compared to the fairies(even though I personally liked ghost fairy misdreavus and such). For what it's worth, Sceptile is also part dragon so I was unsure if this was intentional. Could you separate the documentation from the patch file into it's own individual download? Have you received contact from Tux about the save editor? give zigzagoon extremespeed, yeah? haha Thanks for all your hard work on this great game.
  6. With the new update, I think I'm getting this error too, albeit not the Cipher Lab one. The second turn of each battle results in me having to close about 20 error tabs before it proceeds. I don't know what "clearing the errors" means nor can I find that after a few google searches. Using dolphin 5.0-5791; and I'd be willing to switch to another version if I knew how to transfer memory cards between versions, haha. E: I disabled panic handlers, seems like this stops messages from popping up, but I'm hoping that later on this won't be an issue. E2: Disabling panic handlers just created more ingame lag over several battles. I installed Dolphin 5.0 and seemingly I'm not getting the error anymore(w/ my memory card settings saved.)
  7. Yo! Permadeathing my way through Mausoleum right now, having a blast. Out of curiosity though, I'm in the Under, and I wanted to ask Thanks in advance!
  8. Ah, cool! Good to know. I don't plan on using it right now but I'll take care of that if I get to it. For the nuzlocke rules, I expected XG to be challenging so I allowed catching of all shadows(and I'm not releasing things, so I'm keeping them for orre later hopefully.). I allowed catching from pokespots using only the first 10 you find(as I'm still doing a "blind" playthrough, I'm using snacks still but just not going to use them for purify chamber nor on the playthrough.). I also allowed a maximum cap of two shadows per party, but I ended up keeping a lot of shadows from catch(e.g I intentionally kept Bagon shadow until the end of Shadow Lab and Ludicolo until the end of ONBS.). I got blessed with some good natures and I'm using a team I didn't expect I'd be using. It's going pretty well, only two deaths, and I'm attempting not to overgrind.
  9. Nuzlocking through right now, bit of a challenge! Finished ONBS with two deaths total. Mainly posting to report a bug: as wild Pokemon are so averse I played the rule that you can only use the first 10 snacks- in this I caught an Omanyte which had a shadow move. Is this intentional?
  10. righto. i'm aware of that, but the base stat changes and ability reversions for some pokemon is a little unsettling to me. although the source code(or a branch) could be updated with XG's data I think, either by parsing it into the format or by manual editing haha.
  11. wow! this update looks really good! am really excited to play. question: i think we discussed this, but have you looked into the save editor? probably not a high priority thing right now, but could be interesting for stuff like orre colosseum. thanks in advance [:
  12. went to the stream, the additions look great! i'll definitely be playing this after exams, possibly streaming on my end too! thank you so much StarsMMD for providing a hack that's much more expansive and versatile than its previous incarnation.
  13. Where do you catch Thanks in advance. Enjoying this second playthrough a lot!
  14. Hey! Going through the game right now in a faint = death run, literally right at the beginning of Shadow Pokemon Lab. I noticed that: Thanks in advance.
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