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  1. Hi, 1. that's not a virus message, it's just a normal message for most downloaded software. Click "Weitere Informationen" and it will let you run it. 2. Until a few days ago Windows Defender acutally flagged SkyTemple as a virus. That has been cleared with Microsoft and it's no longer the case if you download the newest update of Windows Defender. There is no virus in SkyTemple.
  2. What you can definetly do is change the palette for the female border to be the same as the male. Otherwise I'd probably require some code changes to make that work.
  3. A new version was released! It contains dungeon editing, tileset editing, starter editing and so much more! See the updated main post for more details and a trailer!
  4. Hey! Great to hear you made progress! I actually haven't really played around with the map myself but I'd also like to find out how it works. Maybe it would be easier to do this more directly together on Discord and also I could have a look at that import bug you are having: https://discord.gg/4e3X36f The different modes might actually be the different kinds of maps... Isn't there a dedicated map for the future, maybe it's showing those markers instead? The progress should be controlled by the dungeon open list. But maybe the modes also have something to do with it...
  5. Parakoopa

    Dungeon Tilesets

    Static indexed PNG versions of the dungeon tilesets from the game (with their original palettes)
  6. These are all map backgrounds as GIFs. They contain all animated tiles and palettes. Please note, that the speed of the animation might now match the speed as seen in the game.
  7. Alright! Yeah sorry, I just read "creating a map", and my mind immediately went to just any map and not the world map. I haven't really played around with it too much, but as I said it works mostly like any other game map background and those are at least pretty much fully customizable. There are a few special things about it, like the markers or how characters are moved on that screen, and I don't know if there's a tool that can actually change the map markers yet. But again if you have any further questions, I'm happy to help and also investigate
  8. The map can play three types of animations: - Animated tiles: 8x8 tiles with multiple images that cycle at a constant rate - Animated palettes: One of the 14 palettes can be configued to cycle through multiple palettes at a constant rate - Sprites: On the map scenes sprites for objects can be placed and those sprites can also play animations. The things you mentioned should all be possible. There are maps with flowing water in the game, see Treasure Town, the Sharpedo Bluff or the beach. EDIT: Wait, do you mean the world map screen? The same things apply to it, but I'm not 100% sure how the "cloud reveal" effect works, it seems the game stores multiple versions of that map in the same game map file and switches the camera to the one matching the current story progress. It should also be possible to change the world map size, because the world map is driven by scripts that can be edited and is itself a map background like any other overworld map, the only thing I'm not sure about if there's a limit on what coordinates the markers are placed.
  9. @Clueless: For map editing you probably want to use SkyTemple: 1. Yes, the limit is a total of 14 16 color palettes and each 8x8 tiles can only use one palette. SkyTemple has a tool to convert images to this format built-in. 2. Not really any un-reasonable limits with the things you mentioned. Movement speeds can be set anywhere between instant and very very slow. 3. Maps can be bigger, but I don't know what the limit is, it's probably going to be pretty high though. One limit however, is that a map can only contain 1024 unique graphic tiles (tiles can be flipped to have more). If you need more help let me know.
  10. Currently I'm working on dungeon editing (tilesets, floor data, etc.), after that I want to add the level up data.
  11. Version 1.6.0


    Randomizer for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. For Windows, macOS and Linux. This randomizer randomizes... - ... all NPCs on the overworld (with matching portraits and names; additional portraits are downloaded from the PMDCollab Sprite Repository) - ... all dungeon layouts (including tilesets, music, weather, darkness, traps, items, Pokémon spawns, etc.) - ... Pokémon moves, types, abilities - ... boss fights matching the NPCs and boss fight layouts - ... chapter names and location names. - ... if wanted: all text in the game. Pokémon level are randomized between -3/+3 of the minimum/maximum level that the Pokémon on that floor had in the original game. Additionally patches by End45 to improve gameplay are installed. All settings can be toggled off! Also contains additional optional patches, like the Complete Team Control Patch from Cipnit. Part of the SkyTemple project: Support Please join our Discord server for support: https://discord.gg/4e3X36f Install on Windows and Mac Download the Installer (exe Windows [we recommend the x64 Version if you have a 64bit Computer!], dmg Mac) and install it. After this run "SkyTemple Randomizer". Install on Linux The Linux version is available as a Flatpak at https://flathub.org/apps/details/org.skytemple.Randomizer.
  12. Version 1.6.5


    SkyTemple: The Explorers of Sky ROM editor for maps, backgrounds and scripts, including an interactive debugger for the game's script engine. This is a very early pre-release of SkyTemple, please expect many bugs and make backups of your ROMs! Windows version Is attached here, just click "Download" on the right! You may need to install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (2022) for your platform, otherwise the debugger and emulator will not work correctly: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist?view=msvc-170 Mac version Is also attached, the minimum supported macOS version is macOS 11 Linux version The Linux version is available as a Flatpak at https://flathub.org/apps/details/org.skytemple.SkyTemple. Support For information and support: Github: https://github.com/skytemple Known issues: https://github.com/orgs/SkyTemple/projects/1
  13. Project website: https://skytemple.org Hi! A few months ago I wondered if there are any tools to make custom PMD2 ROM Hacks. I found out that much work on the games had been done, but there wasn't really any user friendly GUI editor to make custom ROM hacks. So I decided, I'd give it a shot and try to make my own. This tool can edit both the ROMs of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky EU / NA. Now, before I begin, I want to stress that NONE of this would have been even remotely possible without people like @psy_commando, @Nerketur, @evandixon, @MegaMinerd or any of the other PMD ROM hackers. I'm not somebody who's good at reverse engineering ROMs or actually finding out how stuff works. They did all the hard work (especially Psy!) and they deserve all the credit for it! All I did was filling some gaps and building this editor, that I'll now present to you...: Features Map Background Editor Let's you view and edit the backgrounds of the map. Supports importing map backgrounds from image files. The collision of the map can also be changed. Scene Editor Let's you edit the position of Pokémon and Objects on the overworld maps and change how cutscenes are built. Script Editor / Debugger Let's you edit the script files of the game and debug them in realtime. > Script Editing You can edit all scripts in the game with features like auto-completion and calltips. > Debugging You can set breakpoints and let the game halt at different parts of the code. > Debug Overlay A debug overlay shows you where objects, triggers and Pokémon are rendered and what their hitboxes are > Game State View the current state of the Ground Engine, the game's script engine: What scripts and scenes are currently loaded and which actors and objects are placed on the map? > Variables View and modify the current game variables in real time. > ExplorerScript ExplorerScript is a new high level language that the scripts in SkyTemple are written in. It is compiled to the binary code (SSB) that the game uses. Dungeon Editor Edit and create your own dungeons and customize the spawns for each floor. Dungeon Tileset Editor Edit the graphics of dungeon tilesets. Fixed Room / Boss Fight Editor Edit treasure rooms and boss fights, create entirely new bosses and assign them to dungeons however you like. Ground Lists Change various lists in the game, such as the starters, the recruitment list, a list of placable NPCs (actors) or the world map. Pokémon Data Edit the data of Pokémon, including stats, move learnsets and portraits. More Features Apply ASM patches to add new functionality to the game Edit misc. graphics, such as the fonts or the message borders Edit all text in the game Source Code Can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/skytemple Downloads (Linux, Mac, Windows) Discord We have a Discord community for support: https://discord.gg/4e3X36f
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