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  1. message me on discord i got ya King IV#4225
  2. so it will probably be best to just update as needed until pokemon comes out (to maintain online play), then hb when ready
  3. question im only getting a switch for pokemon when pokemon comes out, if i then homebrew it so i can use checkpoint and PKHeX, i shouldnt ever have to update the switch again right? my 3ds has HB on it as well, and its been almost a year and i havent had to update yet i can still battle and trade online so the same should be for the switch right? you only need to update the switch to the latest version for that specific game, then not anymore after right?
  4. hey, so i bought my switch ONE THING I NEED TO KNOW, since i have the "hardware flaw" switch, isnt it true if i homebrew it now, future games will require an update, which will render the homebrew useless right? like, if i put homebrew on, and in november pokemon comes out, it will require an update to run it, and then boom, HB is gone? or is homebrew able to stay after updates? (or will it not even allow updates?) OR, does it even matter? since its a hardware flaw, i should be able to homebrew it again when pokemon comes out regardless right?
  5. EDIT: So they have answered the question BUTTTTTTTT, what i want to know now is, IF i homebrew my hardware flawed switch, will i still be able to update the console when new games come out (like pokemon which will require an update) if updates are available, will homebrew still be there? should i just wait for pokemon to come out before homebrewing? original question: hey, so im sure you all geeked out as much as i did from the Lets Go trailers my question to you is, should i go ahead and buy a 3.0.0 switch NOW from ebay while they are still cheap so that i can use Homebrew and its save editor for PKHex when lets go comes out? i assume Kaphotics will be making PKHex for Lets go as well correct? so should i pull the trigger half a year early so that i will be able to use it?
  6. yeah i got the flash cart and it worked PERFECTLY i used the instructions listed by the mod, however one part was missing during the beginning so i used a youtube video to get the proper files and instructions, then followed the rest of the guide now im PKHeXing like crazy! helping out all of my gaiaonline community achieve their dream pokemon grab the cart asap cause it takes forever, and they use a SUPER shady method of payment, but the guy is legit. good luck oh, and i bought the $20 R4i GOLD thing or something like that
  7. looks like you were right for some reason it is messing with OTs... so i changed it again, and now it works
  8. the thing is i never changed anything though all i did was log back in and it was illegal that kanga shouldnt have changed at all so that setup shouldnt work if i reporduce it, mainly becuase it is the same setup
  9. Hey, about a year ago i pkhexed a legal seismic toss kanga into Sun, it took a lot of research to figure out how to get it to work legally, but i did it, and it was amazing.... now when i log on months later its suddenly "has a problem with it" can anyone help identify what the issue is?
  10. I ordered the flashcart the day you posted your reply it just arrived today here is hoping i dont brick my 3ds!
  11. would you happen to know why suddenly my mega kanga is no longer allowed in online battles. about 8 months ago, after a ton of research, i found out how to make it 100% legal for battles and was WRECKING online with it.... then one day after a few months and an update, i log in, and its not in any of my selected teams, and when i placed it back in a team, i get the "something is wrong with one of your pokemon, message" any ideas what happened?
  12. ok awesome i want to follow you directly (as you helped me about a year ago get onto soundhax where i was then able to use PKHex to help all of my gaiaonline friends) i have an unhacked 3dsxl on 11.6.0-39U which flashcart do you suggest i buy? i will follow your lead and grab it then follow the guide!
  13. So following this guide, I will not need to have a second 3DS or any additional Hardware like soldering and stuff correct? I can just follow this guide on my stock old 3DS and have everything up and running?
  14. Hi, I previously use to soundhax in order to use pkhex. Now that that is all patched and over with, I'm considering getting cubic ninja from Amazon for about $50 in order to use ninjhax to access Homebrew. I'm wondering if the Homebrew that I will be using will allow me to edit the saves and access pkhex appropriately? Since the cubic ninja I will be buying is a cartridge, will I be able to take out cubic ninja cartridge once in Homebrew then place in the Pokemon cartridge and load the save? Does that version of Homebrew even come with a save editor? Also if I read the instructions properly, for the current version of ninjhax all I need to do is throw the files on my SD card, load into cubic Ninja, scan the QR codes, and I should be good to go from there? No additional work would be needed for my old 3DS on version 11.6 correct?
  15. I know that its legal, it existed in previous generations, but i am trying to spawn a seismic toss kangaskhan and i cant get the correct parameters.... while they are valid moves, they are invalid re-learn moves.... so should it be set as an egg, found at a specific location? and if i put it as transfered from another region, how does one set the trainer as another trainer from that region, or set the parameters to appear as such? (if its needed in order for the kanga to work)
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