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  1. Is there a list or table of special met locations published somewhere or available to view in PKHex?
  2. Thanks a lot for the information! Just to clarify; 1.) So the data for Pokemon prior to generation V is overwritten/erased when they are transferred forward into newer generations? And, a new question pertaining to the PokeWalker Pokemon; 2.) Is there any possible way to identify which of my transferred Pokemon (now in UM) originated in the PokeWalker using PKHex? I was silly and didn't take note before transferring up a lot of my 'mons. And, on a somewhat similar note; 3.) A friend of mine said they would give me some stuff that they caught in the Dream World in Generation V since I didn't play those games. Is there any way to tell if a Pokemon originated in the Dream World using PKHex? How about if it came from the Dream Radar spin-off game Let's Go Eevee has got me wanting to buff up my collection and get back into Pokemon before they new Switch games release. Thanks a lot for helping me out and answering my noob questions. I played Gen I, Gen II, Gen III, and Gen IV. I've been out of the loop ever since. xD
  3. I recently transferred up a ton of my old Pokemon from older games, and the 'Met Location' says 'Poketransporter' as expected. However, when I hit CTRL+Legality check, it shows at the bottom of the page the encounter type, PID type, and location. I'm interested in the location details. 1.) I have a Arbok from SoulSilver that I caught as an Ekans on Route 32. PKHex reports that it was caught on Route 3 in the in-depth legality check. Why is this? 2.) What determines the location that is displayed in the in-depth legality check? 3.) Is there a way to change/set this location? 4.) Does the Encryption Constant or PID have anything to do with the location the in-depth legality check reports? Thanks in advance for the help guys! PS I'm not hacking or making illegal Pokemon. I've been out of Pokemon since HG/SS, and I bought UltraMoon and Bank yesterday to get ready for Let's Go Eevee. I transferred up my old stuff, but now I am wanting to use PKHex to go and see when and where my old Pokemon were caught for sentimental reasons. ^^
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