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  1. Im do some research and find out hcs forum and silva gunner rip this game but they dont tell how. I really need rip bgm to find how they work so able to music mod
  2. I really dont remember what page is , it in here talk about custom event or something like that. Oh i see so the file is break . many thanks Anyway how can i custom build an event egg card Oh i see why it doesnt work. many thanks
  3. I mean Mystery gift tool 0.1f by Sabresite i use to custom on of those available event file, not from scratch though
  4. Hi im Trying custom a premade card but whatsoever i do distributable card or inject egg then import from vba, the game always said the save didnt have any wondercards
  5. im stuck. for Colo use LZSS Tool to extract bgm archive created 78 unusable (probably sequence) files, use Samp tool to extract snd music.samp and atmos.samp but it require sdir and no sdir in Colo. For XD use isf tool can only extract and cannot insert, what do i do?
  6. problem 2 a legal heracross capture in the game but not in pkhex 214 - HERACROSS - 31EE.pk2
  7. 1- Pkhex backup gci =344 so the game wont able to use it because the old one is 345kb 2- If editing shadow pkm may corrupt some save data such as Shadow Monitor (image and order of shadows pkm), and Stratetry memo as well. 3- Editing pkm coupon not present 01-GXXE-PokemonXD.gci [CDM (XD) #0010].bak 01-GXXE-PokemonXD(1).gci
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