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  1. Thanks Kaphotics re-downloaded it and that error dissapeared. Only thing left is that crystal pikachu from celeadon game corner error.
  2. Hi, my pikachu from my crystal save file that I bought at the celedon game corner is showing up with the following message: unable to match an encounter from origin game. 025 - PIKACHU - 8790.pk2
  3. Hi, downloaded newest version of PKHEX, opened my gen 2 save files and i noticed that all my pokemon from my crystal save file are being flagged as illegal for having an invalid female ot which shouldn't be the case at all since crystal allowed you to play as a female which i did. Pokemon Crystal.sav Pokemon Gold.sav Pokemon Silver.sav
  4. 7 was the lowest i could get it while it still being legal sorry
  5. This page on the Project Pokemon site will be a better guide than I could explain into words.
  6. Here you go, your Timid 5 perfect IV Latias made legal 380 - Latias - 06FF26F3FEDF.pk6
  7. Hi, first post since making this account So far I got all 10 correct in the shortest amount of time.
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