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  1. Sorry to bother but how exactly do I apply it to my pk blk 2? I tried in delta but the extension came out as ‘file’.. ima noooob >.<
  2. yes I have read..-bow- I will attempt this thank you kindly and now I shall never touch that menu ever again thank you for taking the time to try what you are able within the proper restrictions.. I’ll try what I can!
  3. Yes , the ds menu overwrote my game. In which I feel so dense for doing. The base file plus the new file are the same size. 512kb so that threw me off yet when I load up my first original save after the corruption in pokegen or PKHex I see my mons and their stats ;-; and such... but what of my progress to passing the fifth pokemon gym? Thanks again for reply :3
  4. Good day! on my home brew twilight menu app I usually access Pokémon black 2, but I pressed (select) and it took me into the ds menu for game selection and I choose Pokémon black 2 ..cos I thought well why not? Not even knowing it would suddenly save over my actual save file on my sd card .. ditto -.- how do I like.. salvage it or re create it? as well, I noticed my Pokémon are still there cos I checked In PKHex ~~~~~~~~~~ skip this section below it’s my old question ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello! lost save file issue, if it’s possible to check out and see if it’s salvageable ..? Would appreciate greatly Bought my 3ds already modded.. I didn’t realize it till after so im clueless as too why I had so many diff menus ds menu: [empty cartridge button] [empty button] [download+play] [Pokemon Black 2] <-- [taps this thinkings its just another way into the game lmao ....] (slap) and.. it starts.. with " creating save file", I am all like, "WHAT?" Conclusion: i just beat 5th gym and had very good pokemansz ;-; I checked my sav game file and i saw all my pokemansz too! Just don't know how to gone after that.. I tried eto catch every pokemon, didn't do that as a kid, so.. the thought of re doing it makes me wanna.. I just can't do it again.. but I want too, I AM TORN ~~~ SO here's the save file! I don't know if you are able to aid, I am in no rush.. Thanks again! black2.sav
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