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  1. Did you ever managed to figure out how to give yourself all outfits for LGPE? And even edit the partner's hairstyle?

    Thanks for all your work!

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    2. ViolentDarkBrown


      Wait but how were you able to mod your save if you said you didn't hack it? XD

      You're playing Smash too haha same here, who do you main?

    3. Holla!


      A random save some user shared online that I use as a template.

      And if you want to talk about any non-Pokemon hacking related stuff, I could message you my Twitter as I'm more active there and don't visit this site as much as I used to nowadays.

    4. ViolentDarkBrown


      Sure thing I have Twitter! It's pretty gloomy on this site anyways haha.

  2. I am having trouble compiling PKHeX with Visual Studio following this guide. It tells me it couldn't process the request due to the mark of the web. Is there anyway around this or an alternative to Visual Studios? Please I would be grateful for the help.
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