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  1. You can use Visual Studio and just build from the .sln file.
  2. You can edit these, but it will crash (hence the warning) if you don't run the Luma3DS or ReiNAND CFWs.
  3. Pretty sure older games just changed a flag from trainer battle to wild battle. We can't do that in XY/ORAS yet.
  4. I'm pretty sure X/Y just uses .aac, .ogg files or something easy like that.
  5. Absolutely not, I didn't find anything at all.
  6. There's only one instance of there being streamed music in the DS Pokémon games and it's the B2/W2 title screen. You'll have to use midis for anything else as mentioned above. I don't know if you could sample a whole song in PCM as people have done with the GBA games.
  7. Which games are you thinking of? You gotta be more specific.
  8. You should just create an own thread on GBATemp at this point. This forum is really, really slow, you see.
  9. I'm working on the case. I'll make a full tutorial on this and various other things once my project is done.
  10. I believe you're quoting the wrong person. There's a thread on GBATemp under 3DS ROM Hacking by Asia81 with shared textures, including those you mentioned. Yes, they're texture edits, not model edits.
  11. When I try to rebuild to RomFS, no matter what, it instantly crashes. I've tried everything I know of.
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