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  1. i have some backups so it's not a huge deal, but i somehow corrupted trclass, trpoke and trdata and they cause pk3ds to crash on opening it/opening trainer data is there a way to somehow recover these? i doubt it but doesn't hurt to ask
  2. it probably doesn't, but does changing a trainers trainer class in the trainer editor for sun/moon also change their overworld appearance?
  3. is it possible to change trainer names? i've figured a script out and need to do t hat.
  4. hey thanks for all the help a while ago, i finished an xy hack that ran perfectly. i'm trying the same with oras but got a weird error i tried two different dumps, and i get the same error after trying to run it on my 3ds. 'an error has occurred' black screen, that tells me to reset my 3ds etc etc. any idea as to why?
  5. i have no issue going through it myself, i was just wondering if there's anything to speed the process up
  6. http://comfy.moe/fnekcz.png here are the locations i'm getting, which is why i was confused so editing the items in the badge section edits them for every mart, and then the rest are town specific?
  7. compared to ORAS, it seems really hard. can anyone point me in the right direction?
  8. my bad, i said that was my last but i'm not sure how the mart editor works? i wanted to make mega stones buyable at a certain point, but it doesn't seem like i can add slots or make them appear after x amount of badges
  9. alright, thanks. last question from me is: how do i make sure the gym leader will mega evolve in a battle? do i change the form to mega in the trainer editor? or do i have to give it the mega stone?
  10. how do i make a gym leader give a different TM or item? is it the 'prize' tab?
  11. zeyuf

    PokeGTS Issues

    so i can't connect to wifi with a modified DNS at all for some reason. i can connect if my DNS is default 000.000.000, but as soon as i change it to the distros DNS i get error 52000/52010 im using a 3DS XL on the latest firmware, the 3DS' error is 003-2101
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