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  1. It's just dawned on me that I didn't answer your question in its entirety. As for the built in challenge modes I don't think it would be worth the work when there's a long history of players creating and self enforcing whichever rulesets they please. Especially with there being so many versions and variations of them. In terms of simply making the battles harder that is certainly feasible. Of course the levels can always be increased but also most NPC teams have min EVs and IVs and a neutral nature. This could be changed so that they are more competitive. The movesets could also be more optimised and even the choice of pokemon themselves could be improved. I've considered making different variants of XG but the game still changes so frequently that it wouldn't be feasible to keep updating multiple versions. When everything is more or less locked in I can start thinking about such. Of course, there are hack tools available and I welcome anyone to use XG as a starting point. It isn't possible to edit the ups file directly in a meaningful way. The patch file just tells the patching program to change certain bytes in the ISO from one value to another. It doesn't in itself contain any information about the game at all and could theoretically be applied to any file. Just when applied to the exact data for Pokemon XD, changing those particular bytes happens to produce the exact data for Pokemon XG. That's why it's common to distribute such mods via patches - it avoids the legal drama of distributing copyrighted files and it's up to the end user to procure the original data (hopefully legally). ? If you want to make changes then the best option is Gale of Darkness Tool (link in my signature). It's for Mac OSX only for now though as that is the current scope of my skillset. If you don't have access to a mac you'd need to either borrow one or set up a virtual machine. I don't recall where the 50% speed boost comes from. It may have been an old misinterpretation of the shadow levels before they were discovered, unless I'm forgetting something. It's a common misconception that there's a "shadow type". Shadow moves are all set as normal type moves by default. However, if a move's ID is after all the regular moves then it is treated as a shadow move. The damage calculations treat shadow moves as ??? type (not a shadow type but just the type used for the move curse) which is neutral against all other types. After the damage calculations, a special check is done to see if it's a shadow move and whether or not the target is a shadow pokemon. This is then used to override the super effectiveness of the move. This code also checks to see if the move is weather ball under shadow sky and if so applies the same rules as shadow moves. It makes sense this way otherwise shadow moves would deal 4x damage to pokemon with 2 types as the shadow type would be super effective against both types. As a result, there is no flag or data value that makes a move a shadow move. The game always just checks if the move id is at least 356 (psycho boost, the last gen 3 move by id, is 354). In order to add more shadow moves in XG, I had to rewrite the game's programming to check a flag (I happen to use the HM flag since it's irrelevant in XD apart from stopping you from deleting moves) rather than basing it on the id number. The limit to the number of shadow pokemon is based on the fact that all the shadow data is stored on the memory card. I have no idea where to even begin with restructuring how the game saves its data so at least for now I would not be able to increase the amount of space allocated for it. Fortunately, Genius Sonority allocated enough for 128 unique shadow pokemon even though they only used 83 in the end. It's possible that there happens to be some extra padding or unused bytes after the shadow data in which case it could probably be expanded a little further but I haven't looked into that. The pokemon, moves and abilities don't have this restriction. While they don't have extra space by default, it's a relatively straightforward process to move the data tables to a position in the file with enough free space to accommodate the extra data. The real challenge is finding data that can be removed in order to create the free space. The US version of XD curiously contains the localised text for the European language versions. I took all this data out as it was completely unused in the US version and this didn't pose any problems. In order to keep the game feeling authentic and familiar I don't intend to add fakemons in XG (but maybe in another hack or variant of XG). As for later gen pokemon my first priority would be gen IV pokemon that evolve from previous gens such as rhyperior, electivire, gliscor, weavile, etc. Following this would be as many pokemon as I can fit in so would be an attempt to choose popular pokemon. Technical considerations also have to be taken into account. E.G. I don't currently have the prowess to program abilities like stance change for aegislash or illusion for zoroark and I can't do mega evolutions either. When it comes to the models and animations I'm a total noob so once the gurus figure out what's possible it'll shape what direction it goes in. As for other little know tidbits... Shadow pokemon have custom catch rates which override their default catch rate for their species. However, the vast majority use the same catch rate as the species anyway. IIRC the few exceptions are the first shadow pokemon (teddiursa/makuhita) which are set to max catch rate of 255, the legendary birds in XD which are set to 25 and the legendary beasts in Colosseum which are set to 15. In XD each shadow pokemon has a hidden value I call "aggression" which determines how often it enters reverse mode. It is a value between 1 and 5 and the lower it is the more likely the shadow pokemon is to enter reverse mode. I haven't looked into colosseum enough to know if it has a similar system. It is commonly stated online that colognes (vivid scent etc.) increase a pokemon's happiness. I found no evidence of this in XD. I haven't look at colosseum though. In XD, there are files for unused beta thumbnails for each area that you see on the world map. These include one with an early design for the protagonist in an early gateon port: Not as interesting but here are the rest: old map snapshots.zip When you fail to catch a shadow pokemon, you can reattempt the snag from miror b. When you encounter him the shadow pokemon he has is randomly generated. I'm not sure if this has been documented anywhere but each shadow pokemon is given a certain weighting. The shadow pokemon from admins have a lower weighting, making them less likely to be chosen. Bonsly is playable in the special battle bingo card. The developers only filled in just enough data for bonsly to work in battle bingo so it's missing key data such as its exp rate which mean that it doesn't function when hacked into your possession. It is pretty straight forward to add the rest of the data though. Munchlax on the other hand has no data whatsoever in XD apart from its name. It doesn't have a battle model, cry, stats, icon, moves, etc. When the spot monitor is triggered, a random pokemon is chosen to appear at the pokespot with a certain pid, ability, gender, nature, etc. Upon visiting the pokespot the pokemon is actually generated. The game checks the species of the pokemon and uses this to find it's pokespot data to figure out the level range it can be generated at. The devs put in a fail safe check before the pokemon is generated so that if the data can't be found (e.g. a pokemon not in the pokespot list is chosen), it'll generate a default pokemon. It isn't possible for this to happen during normal gameplay of XD though. The default pokemon are hoppip for oasis, sandshrew for rock and interestingly, geodude for the cave pokespot. Geodude isn't one of the options at any pokespot in XD but this suggests that it may have been in an early build of XD. This is mainly stuff that I believe had not been discovered before I started. If anything else comes to mind I'll let you know but that's all I've got for now ? Thanks for keeping me occupied while waiting for the upload of the new update!
  2. I found a an issue which causes the game to crash at the Cipher Key Lair in v1.1.8 and prevents progress in the game. I have fixed it in v1.1.8-2 but will not be able to upload it until later today. EDIT: v1.1.8-2 is now available for download. Thank you! Pokémon that would normally require a trade evolve at level 40 in XG. This has been added in v1.1.8-2. There are only 2 shadow machines so far. The second is obtained in the post game. I will add a couple more in a future update.
  3. Sorry for the late response. I've recently traveled so I'll be in Nigeria for a bit and then heading to South Africa for a little while. I have completed Pokemon XG v1.1.8 and it is now available for download! Here's what's new: I spent some time testing things out on this version but I didn't have the space to bring my wii u with me so I didn't make it to the end of the game. I have fixed the few bugs that I encountered so it should be pretty stable. My focus was making the game more stable and polished as well as really making it feel like gen VII mechanics. V1.1.8 is compatible with save files from v1.1.6 but there will be some inconsistencies like some pokemon changing abilities or some shadow pokemon having different shadow moves. However, for the best experience start a new save file ? I replaced the beldum with zigzagoon in a recent update. It's a better utility mon in the early game and from watching a lot of playthroughs of XG I felt beldum ended up being dead weight, especially with how slow the start of XD's story is. It was either boxed immediately or became an extra pokemon to balance exp around really early on. I added metang at the pokespots so it's still obtainable pretty early on. I appreciate the kind words. ? I've added it my to-do list for the next update but IRL commitments mean I don't quite have the time atm. I have a whole big Mewtwo post-game quest in mind. The post-game for XD needs more content and Mewtwo deserves a big introduction. I'm working on completing a proper script editor which will make it a lot easier to make large scale changes. I can't say it'll be added soon but it'll be cool. ? Charizard can have either drought or tough claws as its ability. When catching it as a shadow pokemon it'll be randomly assigned on or the other. I can't see why the ability would have changed other than using a save editor or cheat codes. Another possibility is that you had reset the game without saving after catching it and the first time you caught it had drought but the second time it had tough claws. Besides that I'm not sure what else could have changed it. I finally invested some time into making a proper assembly compiler. The way I used to do it was pretty slow and I feel silly for not doing it sooner. It's made it so much easier to reprogram the game and I've been able to make a lot of the more tedious or lower priority changes that I would have previously dreaded and it's made more ambitious routines like the ability capsule's feasible. The save editor issue has been quite troubling and I had previously planned to edit the source code to be compatible with XG but it would require me to rewrite it every time I made the tiniest update. When the game is more or less complete (in like another year or two) I'll consider it. At least for now the capsule mitigates the most pressing issue of it changing abilities. The ability capsule is one use only but can be obtained infinitely. It can be purchased as a Mt. Battle prize using poké coupons and there are a small handful given for free here and there. I had planned to fix the life orb recoil damage when a pokemon flinches in a future update but since you brought it up again I gave it a quick look and it wasn't too difficult in the end so it has now been fixed in v1.1.8. I hadn't properly updated one of my lines of code from years ago so the one obscure little file that contains the pokemart data wasn't actually being compiled. I compiled it manually in testing so it seemed fine but that didn't translate to the final product. I believe it should actually be changed in v1.1.8 though. In XD, shadow pokemon are randomly generated the first time you encounter them. After this, their ability, gender, nature, IVs, etc. are saved and will not change in future encounters (The exception is Zook's Zangoose which is only set when you fight him yourself. The first 2 times you see it aren't set in stone and it's common for it's gender to visible change between appearances). You would have had to reset the fight with Gonzap to change its stats. King's rock does not stack with flinching moves in XG. XG aims to be as close to gen 7 as possible in terms of mechanics and it's getting pretty close!
  4. I believe I've figured out a method of calculating the coordinates but it's not so simple and the address moves around. If you send me your dolphin memory card file I'll see if I can sort it out for you. ?
  5. Here you go: Pokemon XG Etrian.ups This patch should allow you to catch shadow pikachu finally. I got a bit lazy so I gave it to the super trainer outside the pokemon hq lab. You can just battle him again until you get it. Apply the patch to a clean ISO. I'm really happy to hear that ? Yes, it is a bug of which I am aware. I made surf work like earthquake so it hits your ally as well, which it doesn't normally do in gen III. However, water absorb and volt absorb aren't programmed to take earthquake's effect into account since it doesn't need to in the vanilla games. Storm drain and lightning rod initially had the same issue when I added them but I managed to fix it. I can do the exact same process for water/volt absorb but it's been a lower priority than some other stuff (mainly because it's tedious and only one or two people had even noticed the bug anyway). I'll have it fixed soon though!
  6. Try this patch and let me know how it goes. Apply to it to a clean ISO. Pokemon XG v1.0.7-4.zip I'm glad it worked! If you'd like to finish off your run you could always switch back to the previous version you were using now that you've got suicune. ? Ah, I see. It doesn't sound like you'll be able to catch it then. If you tell which version you're playing on I can help you reset the flag for shadow pikachu's trainer, allowing you to battle her again. It looks like for whatever reason you didn't actually encounter it in the first place. This time you should be able to catch it and even if you knock it out it should go to Miror B. as normal. The legendaries are triggered at certain points in the story. There is usually some dialogue to inform you when they are available. The legendary beasts are available once you beat Gorigan at the Cipher key lair. The weather trio are available after you beat Greevil.
  7. The shadow pikachu shouldn't be possible to miss. It was right at the beginning of the game in the Cipher Lab. If you check your shadow monitor in the PDA menu does it show as seen? I assume you knocked it out and will need to get it from Miror B.
  8. I did all the movesets from scratch and didn't reference the canon movesets because it would have taken far too long. I'll add it in the next update. Pokemon XG v1.16-2 Jayrod suicune fix.ups Here's your patch. Apply it to a clean ISO and you should be able to continue playing as normal. I haven't been able to test it so let me know if it works. You'll still only have one chance at suicune so good luck ? Which version are you playing on? This was an issue a while back was fixed in a later update.
  9. I stand corrected, it's the reward for beating pyrite colosseum the second time. Happy to hear that! v1.1.6-2 fixes some of the bugs in v1.1.6. I'll make you a new patch based on v1.1.6-2 which will still be compatible with your save since it's from v1.1.6. Sell or toss out the ones that didn't work. Certain pokemarts sell invalid pokesnacks. I believe the ones in Agate village are good and they should all work in v1.1.6-2.
  10. Thanks for the kind words. Its all a lot of hard work and perseverance, plus I had help from some talented individuals. Compared to the things that will be possible soon, that's nothing ? Somewhere with lots of lava ? Remind me which version you're playing on? I'll sort out a special patch. That would be my bad. The email with the locations accidentally missed out Outskirt Stand. ? Ah yes, I hadn't even noticed this before. They are indeed locked to be male. This has been sorted out for the next update. Pokésnacks purchased before the update will still be bugged. You'll need to buy new ones. Pokemon with evolutions in gen 4 such as magneton are programmed to be compatible with the eviolite. Please don't ask for or share ROMs on these forums. It's against the rules and is a quick way to get forum sites shut down. As above ^ I believe it had to be taken out a while back to allow something else to be programmed in.
  11. This has now been fixed in v1.1.6-2 which is compatible with v1.1.6. ? Technician boosts shadow rush like normal. It may still feel a bit weak due to shadow moves not benefitting from STAB and also the fact that the expert belt didn't work on shadow moves. I have made it so the expert belt does affect shadow moves in the latest update v1.1.6-2. This has now been fixed in v1.1.6-2 . Thanks for the kind words. ? As above ^ Good to hear. Try pyrite's duel square and pyrite colosseum as well. Can't you continue playing by turning off the function? If not, you could try the Pokemon XD save editor by @Tux. I think you may be able to use it to change your location to somewhere that works. I've had a few reports of shadow trip and foul play (both have the same effect) not working properly. I haven't been able to find the issue yet but worst case I'll remove the moves for a while. If you're playing on Dolphin could you PM me the memory card file? It's all luck. The shiny odds in XG are based off the shiny charm/masuda method in the later games so it's not quite as high as the 1/8192 of gen III but still pretty rare. Glad you figured it out! You can continue using the same save file in v1.1.6. However, if you saved after encountering the suicune it will not return. If that is the case I could help you reset the suicune's flag. This is actually a technique used in vanilla XD to make shadow pokemon slightly more threatening by increasing their levels slightly until they're caught. It's usually just a 2 or 3 levels in XD but I thought I'd troll a little with the post game shadow pokemon ?
  12. In general, pokémon that would normally require a trade to evolve, evolve at level 40 instead in this hack. It is worth mentioning though that this is a generation 3 game so magneton is unable to evolve.
  13. I have now uploaded a new version of the tool which shouldn't have that issue. The file common.rel in the common folder is corrupted so you'll need to copy it again from the randomiser folder. If you don't have a copy then you can fix the file using this program. Colosseum Fix.zip Place the file "battle_fix.bin" in the Colosseum-Tool folder and then run the colosseum fix program. You can delete both files once you're done. ?
  14. Thanks for letting me know. I'll have that fixed in a couple of days ?
  15. I've seen another similar report of freezing from pokemon which in hindsight also knew foul play. Unfortunately I've been unable to find any issues with the move when testing it myself and I've looked through my code for foul play and failed to find any issues. Without the save file it'll be hard for me to figure out the exact cause but I'll keep an eye out. Lo siento sí mi español es malo. Yo pienso que las opciones de dolphin has la problema. Sí cambias unas opciones probablamente el juego sería mas mejor. High End Computers: Run as admin Config -> General -> Untick Dual Core and Cheats (Optional, but less likely to cause crashes) Config -> Interface -> Untick Use Panic Handlers Config -> Audio -> DSP LLE Recompiler Graphics -> Direct3D 11 or OpenGL Graphics -> Hacks -> Texture Cache Safe Pokémon GX (XD) Properties -> GameConfig -> Tick Synchronize GPU Thread (Only use if you keep Dual Core enabled) Low End Computers: Run as admin Config -> General -> Untick Cheats (Optional, but less likely to cause crashes) Config -> Interface -> Untick Use Panic Handlers Config -> Audio -> DSP LLE Recompiler Graphics -> OpenGL Graphics -> Hacks -> Texture Cache Safe Pokémon GX (XD) Properties -> GameConfig -> Tick Synchronize GPU Thread
  16. I've identified the issue and I'm cooking up a fix for it right away.
  17. You can use colosseum tool to make any changes you like. After randomising, you can copy the folders from the randomiser folder to the colosseum tool folder and then edit them that way. I think I'll add the randomiser option directly in Colosseum Tool though. It will make things much easier and shouldn't take long.
  18. I'm glad to hear it ? I have year's worth of code to port over so it will be a very time intensive process. Once I at least have it out to a good standard on mac and I'm a bit more free in life in general I'll get to it but unfortunately been more busy than I'd hoped all summer. I addressed your issue elsewhere but just for the sake of anyone following this thread, I've uploaded a new version of the tool to address this issue. :-)
  19. Shadow Mantine will be available from v1.1.6 ? The issue with suicune will be fixed in v1.1.6! Patching the ROM can be done using NUPS on windows. To run the editor you will need a virtual machine for mac OS. :):):) I had the same thought but never quite figured out a good way to do this. It may be possible in colosseum by replacing the contest types of the moves (cool, cute, smart, etc.) with just 3 types which are repurposed as physical, special and status. I did come up with a potential solution for XD in theory. It will be tricky though so not sure if it will actually work out. Essentially, in the summary screen there is a type matchup chart displayed underneath the moves. I might maybe possibly be able to edit it to show something else. Added that in a while back. One of the most important features imo. This should now be fixed in v1.1.6 which will be released soon. In your Dolphin settings, you want to disable panic handlers. I think that should solve your problem, assuming the patching part actually worked. This should be fixed in the upcoming version ? It's possible that one of the pokémon you caught has a buggy move or ability. Which pokémon are in your party when it freezes? Also it would be helpful if you could send your save file so I can see what is happening directly. Muchas Gracias! Yo pienso que la problema es para el emulador porque una veces habas en negro la pantalla pero otra veces no habas. ?Tienes Dolphin 5.0?
  20. Going to start streaming my workflow from time to time. Figured it would be good to keep a record of things for future reference. Feel free to come through if you have any questions.


  21. I've been removing protect from most of the NPC trainers as the AI is often really annoying with it. Not sure which version you're on but most of them should be gone in the more recent versions. If any NPCs are still spamming protect on the latest version please do let me know which ones so I can sort them out. :-) I didn't think anyone would notice ? I hadn't seen any playthroughs make much use of mantine and with so many water pokemon available I figured I'd just cut it. I'll put it back in just for you though ? The reason the options are slightly limited in that way is simply because it takes time and effort and make all these changes. I need to set level up moves, learnable TMs and tutor moves for each obtainable pokemon as well as overworld models, animations, etc. for each pokespot pokemon. One doesn't take too long on its own but they quickly add up when considering the hundreds of pokemon in the game. I'm wary of adding too many unique pokemon to the pokespots though as it makes it harder to find specific pokemon for your team. For example, Golduck only has a spawn rate of 1%. If I were to simply replace it with mantine then that means mantine would have a 1% chance of being encountered and it takes a while to spawn pokespot pokemon. Furthermore, a player wanting a golduck on their team would have a 4% chance of finding psyduck as opposed to the 5% of psyduck + golduck. Increasing mantine's chance to something reasonable would require further cuts from other species. It's all a balancing act. Also, I don't consider shadow pokemon found after Citadark Isle to be truly obtainable. Based on observations on the way people play the game, very few players make changes to their teams by that point in the game. At the same time, Citadark needs lots of shadow pokemon to feel like Cipher's secret base so I filled it with shadow pokemon but made sure those pokemon were still available earlier in case someone really wanted to play through the game with one of those pokemon. TLDR; I'll add Mantine back in but the process isn't that simple so probably won't add too many others. I haven't seen it happen myself but I'll be on the lookout. ? I wasn't able to reproduce the issue myself but it sounds like a programming error on my part putting the game in an infinite loop. I'll try and figure out where it's coming from. It would be helpful if you could send me your save file though so I could see the issue directly. ? I believe disabling panic handlers should fix the issue. Go to Config > Interface and untick "Use Panic Handlers". I hope that helps ?
  22. I wasn't aware of this issue. I don't think it's possible to skip so I'd recommend trying a different one. I'll look into replacing the patch with something more feasible in future. Yup, the heart gauge value determines how quickly a pokemon's heart gauge falls. I'll get around to making a proper explanation for everything one day ? Save reference data simply creates text files documenting details about the game such as pokemon stats and NPC trainer teams. It doesn't affect the game files or ISO in anyway. When exporting files from the ISO, any files that already exist are not replaced. This is to make sure you don't accidentally lose all your changes if you accidentally click export or press cmd + E. If you want to see the file that is actually in the ISO then you must delete, move or rename the file before exporting. The memory card stores data on shadow pokemon such as whether or not they've been caught and how much their heart gauge has dropped but doesn't save anything else. To clarify, when you make changes in one of the tools and click save in the tool, that should save the changes to the game files (but not the ISO yet). If you close the tool and come back and the changes persist then you're good. When you want to actually put those files back in the ISO you use the "quick build" or "rebuild ISO" options. From what I gather you were doing this just fine and potentially ran into a bug. I've uploaded a new version of colosseum tool so let me know how that goes. ?
  23. Ah yes, I understand your issue now. After you change the values in a text box you have to press enter for it to register the change. I'll look into making that less complicated in future ?
  24. I must apologise. It seems I missed some notifications! I'm happy to hear you managed to get it all set up. I didn't notice any issues with data being saved personally but I'll keep a look out. There have been new versions uploaded with more features and bug fixes though. I also just released Colosseum Tool a couple of days ago. Doesn't quite have as many options as GoD Tool but has all the big stuff (including physical/special split) ? Thanks, I appreciate it! Not sure if you figured it out in the end but iirc those pokemon are caught holding their respective evolution stones. Unfortunately, Colosseum's game engine is a lot less polished than XD's game engine and this makes Colosseum a bit more complicated to mod. I'd originally started with Colo but when I noticed how much easier XD was I jumped ship. XD's engine is built upon Colo though so a lot of the knowledge is transferrable. I have recently released my Colosseum hack tools so even though I won't be making a proper mod yet at least the potential is there for others. My Colosseum hack was pretty much made by hand when I was just starting out with hacking so it's not very well made but my XD hack is a lot deeper in terms of game mechanics and redesigning trainer teams, shadow pokemon, wild pokemon, etc. The story progression is unchanged though. I have almost finished work on my new scripting tool for XD so story hacks will become feasible in the near future. However, Colosseum's script engine is completely different and the file format for Colosseum's scripts isn't as friendly so no there has been no progress on that. There is work being done on reverse engineering the model format so we will see things like new pokemon and custom maps in the future but it is being done by powers above mine so I can't give a time frame on that one. ?
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