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  1. Hi all! I moved home and started a new job a couple of months ago so I've been mad busy! I've settled in now so will hopefully be more present. Thanks to @Emalisha @PinkOnion and everyone else that has helped answer questions and such while I've been preoccupied. The games stopped capitalising everything at some point and personally I think it's a lot better without it. Unfortunately there's no easy way to swap between the two. That's probably a mistake in my script. I'll look into it. Unfortunately it's a limitation in how much I was able to do with the assembly code. I am planning to enable access to the PC between orre colosseum rounds. It's just a little trickier than the regular colosseums because you have to check that the player didn't swap in an ineligible team, for example by adding a shadow Pokemon to their team. Me too! It's been my dream since before I even started. There's new stuff being figured out about the game everyday and I'm getting help from more and more people as time goes on so it only a matter of time! There is someone out there working on it on and off but he's very busy. I don't want to name drop otherwise people would spam him every day asking about it The under is not currently accessible but it is something I'm working on. Based on some tests I ran, it looks like it will be possible to copy the maps over from colosseum. It was really tricky but I managed to get pyrite cave working in a test version. It will still take time to actually add content to those areas though such as writing scripts for story events and trainer battles and the likes. Miror B. mostly functions the same as in regular XD but he does also appear in one of the rounds in orre colosseum so technically, yes you can! Adding new Pokemon is currently beyond my capabilities but the second it becomes feasible I'll be on it. There are no random encounters the way they are in the handheld games. I think it would be fairly easy to do something similar to let's go pikachu & eve with random encounters but I can't think of a good place to add them into the game. The maps aren't designed for wild Pokemon. It would probably only work in Pyrite cave. Character customisation isn't feasible atm unfortunately. In theory it would be possible to convert the PBR map data format into the XD map data format but no research is being done into that at the moment. p.s. I like the username It's a deadweight in the sense that you don't need that many Pokemon at the beginning of the game. It also decreases the incentive to try out the many other Pokemon later on. Zigzagoon on the other hand, is mildly useful at the start but you won't even hesitate to get rid of it as soon as something else comes along. Essentially I found that a lot of people would use Beldum in their first play through but then felt conflicted about dumping it in future play throughs so they could try out new things. Sorry I'm late but if you still need this then let me know! I can try and look into this. Could you DM me a video of the issue? Still no battle CDs for now. I keep planning to but it's actually a lot more work than you'd think. Really makes me appreciate the original developers. It's tricky coming up with interesting strategies that also aren't immediately obvious so the player has to think about them a little. That being said, if anybody has any ideas then I'm happy to take some suggestions. I'll see what I can do about the circle throw bug. Thanks for reporting. I actually do have a list of all the hideous models from gen 1/2 that I want to replace if possible. It's one thing that keeps the game feeling a little dated even with all the updates I've made. The download for the patch should contain the documentation which contains a text file with all the obtainable Pokemon and their rough location. Don't worry, the highest patch version number is the latest. The latest versions are always linked in the original post of this thread. Blame @PinkOnion for that. He had this one run where he used prankster jumpluff with sleep powder and it was ridiculously OP. I knew it was kinda busted but I didn't think anybody would notice . Ended up having to nerf jumpluff a bit. I think tailwind last the correct number of turns. If you have footage of it lasting 2 turns then please DM me. Thank you! All of deoxys' forms have data in XD because in gen 3 the form was dependent on the game you were playing, e.g. defense in leaf green and attack in fire red. Since you could do link battles with all the gen 3 games through XD it had all the forms. However, it always defaults to normal form in story mode. Sorry for the late reply. They were moved to being obtainable from the mt battle coupon shop. They are all intended to scrapped pretty early on. There are so many great options in the game that I didn't want the player to commit to their team fully too early on. Should be the same ones as regular XD that you can find online. Just beware that some of them may cause weird things to happen in XG since I've moved a lot of the code around. I appreciate it! Yes. It should run perfectly on nintendon't or any other gamecube emulator for the wii. I think disabling panic handlers in the settings may resolve the issue. Also apart from one of the recent versions which you may have downloaded before it was fixed, it should work perfectly on nintendon't
  2. The Message was can you make the XD editor Windows Compatible?

    1. mrichman45


      Also Bounce is glitched. Rapidash used bounce repeatedly

  3. I believe I have fixed the issue and have now reuploaded the patch through the same link.
  4. First of all sorry to everyone who's had issues running the game. It was due to a bug in my code which only crashes on certain versions of Dolphin and on Nintendon't. This has now been fixed and I've uploaded a new version. I'll look into something similar for future versions. Thanks for all the detailed feedback. I'll look into them for the next version
  5. Hi StarsMmd,

    I saw your XG rom hack and had a few questions:

    1. Do you know where in the save file the Shadow Monitor data is?
    2. More specifically, where the data for each Pokemon registered in the Shadow Monitor is?

    I'd like to edit a few Pokemon in my save file's shadow monitor registry using a hex editor - is the PID saved for each Shadow Pokemon or is it simply gender and ball used to catch it?

    Thank you for your time,


    1. StarsMmd


      I'm not sure of the exact location but I can tell you what the data looks like so you can search for it. The pid is saved once the pokemon is first seen in battle.


      Alternatively, if you send me the unencrypted save file I can search for it and let you know where it is. :-)

  6. I've uploaded the latest updates for both Pokemon XG (v1.2.0) and Gale of Darkness/Colosseum tools (v1.0.1). Version 1.2.0 is the first version to take advantage of my new scripting language for XD so it took a while to make and a lot of time to test. Whereas I used to edit small sections of scripts at a time, GoD tool now completely rebuilds the scripts from scratch. This means there's a much smaller chance of human error but it also means that if there's the slightest bug in the scripting tool it could have unforeseeable consequences. I think everything is working fine now but if you do encounter any weird behaviour in the game then let me know as usual GoD tool and Colosseum tool have had a whole bunch of new features added and I've fixed all the bugs I could find so they should be a lot more reliable. I've tried to make them more intuitive but there is quite a lot there so I'll aim to make some tutorials in the near future. I'm also happy to announce that I've done most of the foundational work on hack tools for Pokemon Battle Revolution. It's still low priority for a while but it's very similar to XD in a lot of ways so it's been a relatively simple process. Replies to previous questions and comments: I appreciate the kind words
  7. Gale of Darkness tool and Colosseum tool v1.0.1 are now available for download here:

    Pokémon XG v1.2.0 is now available for download here: 


    1. Aurorans


      The tool keeps crashing when extracting the iso or rebuilding the iso with High Sierra. Is there a fix for this soon?

  8. Hello. All of a sudden, my Colosseum stats won't update. When I edit a Pokemon base stat for colosseum in the Pokemon editor, then click save, it reverts back to the default value

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    2. Aurorans


      Whelp, I reverted to an earlier snapshot to fix the problem temporarily, but it is sure to come back in the case that I make the same mistake again accidentally.


      Anyway, quick question about Move editing features: Why does every move name only allow you to edit the same or less number of characters? when I wanted to change Bone Club (9 Characters) to Superstone, upon pressing enter, it would revert back to bone club. However, I believe I can rename it to any other name, as long as it's equal to or less than nine characters.

      I don't think this is 100% correct assumption though.

      Octazooka was successfully renamed to Holy Water (9 characters to 10 characters.). Holy Water is a Lugia exclusive move, akin to Sacred Fire for Ho-Oh, both dealing 180 base damage and burning (sacred fire) or freezing (holy water) the opponent.

      At other times, the move name won't rename... at all.

    3. Aurorans


      Final Bug report: Although you added support to edit Plusle, Ho-Oh, Celebi, and Pikachu, after saving your edits, it reverts back to default. This does not happen with editing Umbreon and Espeon, however, if you edited their levels, they will not change in-game.

    4. StarsMmd


      I've uploaded the latest version of the tool here: 

      I think that should solve most of the bugs. As for the inability to change the lengths of the names. Some of the text files are required to stay within a certain size limit. This means that in order to add characters to a name, you first need to remove characters from other names or other pieces of text from within the same file.

  9. Sorry for the late responses as usual. I was on the plane back from my travels in Nigeria and South Africa and I had a flash of inspiration. I've been working hard on Gale of Darkness tool and Colosseum tool. I've added a bunch of new features and made them a lot more stable so they won't crash so easily. I even managed to complete the script compiler and scripting language for XD. You won't believe the kinds of modifications that will be possible now (If you've used XSE to hack the GBA games, it's basically that for XD). I've also begun working on the scripting engine for Colosseum (which is completely different unfortunately) so hopefully we'll have something similar for that soon too. The new versions of the hack tools will be uploaded soon! Also XG v1.2.0 is on the way. Just need to test some things. Here's a list of the changes to expect: This will be fixed in the next version. I updated some of the level up growth rates for a few species including the Bagon line. As soon as it got some experience it readjusted to the new level curve. It was a one time thing and only the result of updating mid playthrough. As in the previous response, I updated the level up rate for swellow so it just had to adjust to its new level curve. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks! Yeah, the game has changed very drastically since v1.0.7-4 so it is heavily outdated at this point. I'd recommend trying the latest version if you come back to XG in the future. I know some old versions float around on other sites but I upload to this forum so you can always check here to find the latest versions. It's all intentional I don't think there's a problem with having multiple ways to get the same pokemon since people have very different play styles. Just about every useful pokemon is obtainable and I add in any that are requested so it's not like they're taking up spaces that would have gone to other pokemon. If you choose to train up the pokemon from the start, by the time you catch as well as purify the ones from the end of the game the original one will be a whole lot stronger. The late game ones often come with exclusive moves that they can't normally learn while the original ones often have a few moves that can only be learned before they evolve meaning the late game ones won't get them even if you visit the move relearner. This gives them a little bit of variation. By citadark isle since most people have already cemented their team so any pokemon on citadark is really just for show. Those pokemon need to be obtainable before citadark isle otherwise nobody would ever get to use them. Furthermore for people who don't do the post game (in my experience most people don't) it doesn't really make a difference what the last few shadow pokemon are so might as well make them a challenge. Plus a lot of people who do stay for the post game hadn't trained those pokemon or in the case of the pokespot ones may not have even seen the pokemon. Having them available as late game shadows gives options for the post game that don't require playing around with the RNG of the pokespots or the grind to catch them up in levels. One of the shadow marowaks is alolan so they aren't actually duplicate shadow pokemon. I've watched a lot playthroughs of the game and this was what I felt was the best solution in order to accommodate as many different play styles and preferences as possible. I hope I explained it properly! I have now fixed the bug with poison touch activating even when the pokemon is asleep for the next update. I didn't actually consider that the flame orb and toxic orb don't damage the holder on the turn they activate so thank you for informing me. I've added it to my todo list. As mentioned in one of the earlier replies this is simply due to Salamence's experience growth rate being updated in the new version. It's a one time thing the first time it gains experience as it adjusts to the new level curve. This has been fixed in the upcoming update I had to make a very difficult choice between keeping follow me and implementing wide guard use follow me's code as the basis. I chose wide guard as it gave an important counter play option against spread moves, especially the broken shadow ones that I would have had to make really weak instead. I have strategised a method to program follow me back in from scratch though so it will come back in a future update! Thanks for letting me know. This has been fixed for the upcoming update. You've been around for a while so you've probably seen me say this a lot but it's coming soon . It's just a lot of work figuring how to make the puzzles interesting and not too obvious. Also requires a lot of testing and fine tuning to make sure everything plays out as expected. It doesn't help that I keep changing the game mechanics hahaha. No gen IV pokemon yet but maybe by this next year? More powerful people than I are working hard on the model and animations side of things. I found zigzagoon was a better fit for the start of the game based on a lot of footage I saw. Thanks for filling in for me while I was gone! Also, I really enjoyed your youtube playthrough of XG. Was sad to see it finish There are a limited number because they're very OP
  10. Your tutorial on hacking into Pokemon Colosseum is amazing, thank you so much for your detailed walkthrough!


    I do have a question if I can pick your brain -- in Part 6, about move data editing, you said in a comment:


    It turns out that the physical/ special split was really easy to use on all moves instead of just shadow moves. ( I converted the implementation to only 5 lines of action replay code). of course actually editing each move to incorporate the physical special byte is a bit more effort but I've tested it and it works almost perfectly since it was already in the game just largely unused.

    Do you happen to still have this data, or a reference to how you made this work? I'm trying to follow how I could recreate this, and I'm having trouble figuring out where this could be set. 

    1. StarsMmd


      Sorry for the late response. 

      To clarify that comment was in response to Pokemon XD (and I presume you're trying to hack colosseum?). The split exists in XD just for shadow moves but doesn't exist in colosseum.

      I did manage to code the split in colosseum once I got a bit better with assembly though and I added the ability to add it in colosseum (US version only so far) to my hack tools. Assuming you aren't working on an apple device or virtual machine and therefore don't have access to the tool I can tell which values to change. It's a case of changing 44 bytes in Start.dol using a hex editor. Alternatively, I could help you make a ups patch that can be applied to Start.dol to change the bytes automatically. Let me know 🙂

  11. can't get pokemon XG to patch properly :(. every time i patch it it says 'patching done' but when i play it the beldum is a zigzagoon and al the shadow pokemon aren't modified. i have tried multiple ISO's but none of them seem to work. help pls!

    1. L. Knight

      L. Knight

      I think it's supposed to be like that.


      And frankly I hate it.


      Never mind that the Shadow Pokemon have pre-determined Genders now, but Zigzagoon over Beldum? Wtf.

  12. Thanks for reporting! I'll add it to my list ?
  13. If it looks good enough I'll happily add it in. I'm not the most artistic myself so it's entirely possible that someone a little more competent could make it work. ? The texture files you use in dolphin are the same ones I'd use so if it looks good you can just send them my way and I can do the rest. I'll also record the process at some point so it's documented for future reference. Yep, my bad! Accidentally uploaded my back up copy. Currently uploading the actual v1.1.8-3. The real v1.1.8-3 is now available under the same link. Sorry for the mix up!
  14. Yes this is a feature in vanilla XD. IIRC, you can't proceed to area 4 until you've completed each of 1-3 but you are free to complete them in any order. Now that you bring it up I think I may look into making all areas accessible from the start. It's nice to have the option to choose a suitable level to start at. As for the documentation, it was only brought to my attention recently that people were having trouble reading it. I was so used to it I hadn't realised it wasn't that intuitive ?. I've started included instructions in the most recent updates. Essentially, the information in some of the files is specifically aligned for easier viewing but this means that if it doesn't all fit on screen in looks weird. You need to increase the window size and/or decrease the font size until it all lines up properly. Before resizing it looks like this: But after resizing it should look like this: Alternatively, if the program you're using has an option for "word wrapping" you can turn it off and it will give you the option to scroll across a line rather than breaking the alignment. The documentation files are automatically generated by code since it would be far too much work to do by hand and keep up-to-date with the latest version updates. I'll look into some other formats. ?
  15. Retexturing the XD Sandslash model looks pretty horrendous so it will have to wait until custom models can be added. There is currently no time frame on this though. ? Thanks for reporting! This has been fixed in v1.1.8-3 which is currently being uploaded. EDIT: Pokemon XG v1.1.8-3 is available for download.
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