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  1. It seems the heart gauge is based on the Pokemon rarity class. My pseudo-legendary take forever whilst my starters and other regulars are finished after a hour of wandering about. Bagon took literally near six hours to finish up because I believe he leads to Salamence. Regardless, might find out more soon since I plan to catch every possible Pokemon during most versions of this hack.
  2. Hello. Just made an account for this topic! Pokemon XD is my childhood and I just recently learned that you are actually actively developing a hack for my favorite game of all time! Just saying that I am watching your work and really hyped for any changes that may come in the future! Love you for your works mate. Also, a question if possible to be answered! Do you plan (or is it possible, perhaps) to change the AI to be more difficult? I would really love for this game to be very difficult or at least come with the options to change the difficulty of the AI. If that were possible alongsid
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