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  1. hi I have a question when I patched the Pokémon Xg to my rom/Iso as soon as I start it up the game freezes at the part where it tells you about safety etc. I don't know if I did something wrong or is it broken???? anyways I just need help and I cant get none thank you for your time read to this

    1. StarsMmd


      It's possible that your ISO didn't match mine which caused the patching process to mess up your ISO. If the unpatched ISO runs but it freezes once it's been patched then that's probably the case. Did your patching program give any warnings?

      You may need to try another ISO. ?

      let me know how it goes!

    2. Enozne


      it did give one a message saying the patch doesn't match the file patch anyway? so I clicked yes then that lead to the game frezzeing I did try it without the patching but is was just the PXDGoD  sadly I don't have another  Iso if theres another way then ill try it thank you

    3. Enozne


      Hi again I found out the problem the version I have was not the NTSC usa but I found one that was thank you im playing the hack right now


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