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  1. Can you make a dexnav pokemon where there should not be any dex nav encounters and make it work? like an empty cave?
  2. How did you make it so that all pokemon obtained are legit? If I found a usually unobtainable pokemon in a route, how would it be legal despite the fact that it was caught from a route they don't exist in?
  3. For Hidden grotto editors. Is there a mac version? Also, can you make it so only 1 pokemon can be encountered in the entirety of hidden grotto encounters? Or is that impossible with the current status of that tool?
  4. my apologies. I haven't seen the screenshots in-game so i thought it was like gates to infinity. Didn't like those graphics anyway the gba and ds ones were better
  5. Its still randomized. But instead of editing the three starters, the replaced them.
  6. O_O_O to be honest i'd be willing to pay up to the cost of its own game (40 bucks) for someone to hack x and y into kanto and johto! Someone get on it <3
  7. can i edit what comes out of hoopa's portals with this?
  8. use what Cystylzzz linked. pk3ds is the most up to date tools project pokemon has publically on this
  9. Hey Kaphotics! Do you think a starter editor can be made?
  10. Hey Huntereb! Is it possible to make it so you can Mega Evolve a Pokemon into a another Pokemon? Like Mega Evolving a Luvdisk into Alomomola, or even up to specific thinks like only a Female Alakazam being able to Mega-Evolve (instead of both genders, with Alakazam having gender differences)?
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