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  1. I'm looking for the rarest of all Pikachu: the ultra-rare Yellow Forest Flying Pikachu! I tried asking people at serebii but no one had it or if they did they didn't want my pokemon. I have a whole box full of EV'd Pokemon. If you want the list please PM me and i'll PM you my list of EV'd Pokemon and my Platinum FC Thanks for listening! ~ Pikapower a.k.a Teenpika on Youtube
  2. i have a few requests... 1. fast egg hatch 2. quick breeding 3. max BP (for tutor moves) 4. pokemon always holding stuff (apparently pokemon that follow you pickup contest stuff like in Amity Square) 5. always find items in rocks 6. pokemon always come out of trees with Headbutt
  3. it still freezes on mine, and a while ago it froze while i saved and reset my whole save T-T can you fix the code to make it so it don't freeze at all? thanks in advance.
  4. i was playing Crystal and thought up this crazy idea... Here's The Odd Egg Pokemon, Igglybuff & Starter Totodile! Just like in Crystal, Igglybuff knows Dizzy Punch Totodile is basically legal other than the met place Both met in Johto (from Traveling Man) Enjoy!
  5. I love breeding Pokemon! I perfer breeding rather than battling. so here's my first three breeds posted here Meowth has egg moves Hypnosis & Assist Elekid has egg moves DynamicPunch & Cross Chop Magby has the same egg moves as Elekid
  6. i have a few requests if its possible: Rebattle Gym Leaders (in their gyms, not at survival area) Use Items in All Battle Frontier Battles Hold R to Warp to ??? Code Max Score in Contests Max Hearts in Contests Hold L for Infinite Clefairy Bonus at Game Corner Slot Game Always Get Shiny Clefairy in Clefairy Bonus Always Get Ditto Clefairy in Clefairy Bonus Never Get Red Moon in Clefairy Bonus Always Get White Moon in Clefairy Bonus Tutor Move Modifier Infinite Pal Park Transfers (when you save after transferring, game thinks its the next day so you can transfer again without doing the infinite transfer glitch.)
  7. is it maybe possible for someone to make a code to steal pokemon from Battle Factory? either by "warp to" codes like Emerald or by a "Able to Use items in Battle Frontier Battles" code? I'm just asking cause the Battle Factory pokemon are really good (some are)
  8. is there any code for stealing Battle Factory Pokemon in Platinum like in Emerald? some Pokemon in Platinum Battle Factory are really good and rare and they are powerful too.
  9. this is one awesome hack you made! kudos to your hard work! thanks to your hack i finally have access to every pokemon without the use of wild pokemon modifier! i <3 Perfect Platinum!
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