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  1. Blocked your IP?! I didn't even think of that. So I should go reset mine. What errors did you get? Anything like '' Cannot connect to the server? '' or a small green sliver of the games download list then nothing? Fixed- VPN's are my best friend. Switched to one in a neighboring state and the bar flew by. Thanks for that idea.:bidoof:
  2. Are any of you getting the '' error: cannot connect to server '' issue? I haven't been able to connect since I upgraded to the new version or whatever. It won't work with the Japanese loader or the PKhex one (yes the newest one you just put out with the .dll ) i cannot connect to a server at all
  3. Could one of you two possibly send me (in a PM) a copy of your file so I can mimic it? The Powersave file I mean, this way I can see where I'm screwing up? Or I can do a join.me if you'd like and you can scream at me and laugh as the Newbie tries to learn your world of awesome? Or if not, walk me through this so I don't feel like a total space case. Alright, so, I got the first part down. Thanks for you gracious help there guys, you're awesome. I can figure out everything else from here after I get your answer on this one. The Main Menu? With this new (brand new save) do I go through the entire creation process to start a new game and save then restart and go to the main menu that details the character I just created? OR... Do I close the game out when the Pokemon X intro plays? Cause with the brand new game file, you had me do, the game was completely wiped clean. So do I play until I get to the earliest save point or cancel out when the Professor is seen or when the option to, '' Press Start '' after the opening Intro begins? At what point do I take the card out and put it back into the Powersaves? --- Update, sorta- I figured it out with a little help from a very nice Lady. Thank you, Ma'am. And thank you both for giving this guide, with a bit of derphurbaperbdep moments in-between I was finally able to fix it. I owe you guys. Thanks for this.
  4. Here's my world of problems after attempting everything, step by step, you said to do Scires. Unless I'm missing something? Perhaps a tutorial with pictures/step by step, or a video on youtube or something might help those of us who apparently can't get it right. Namely Newbs like me. Note 1- I did it again, following the instructions to a T and it did the same issue whenever I tried to open the edited file with FF's. Is there a specific block I am supposed to FF up to? Or not go past? My method thus far has been to FF a chunk then copy and paste that over all the other blocks so I didn't have to hold down FF the entire time, unless that's what I'm supposed to do? Does it matter that I copy and pasted the FF's since they all turned to y's on the side anyhow? - Also, is there a trick I'm missing when it comes to loading the edited file? The back up that HxD made (looking exactly like the first one) is read by Powersaves (bin file) but not the one I edited. It has the same header, same everything, and without the -FIX'd at the end. Btw, the files yours create are just 'files' so I have to delete the FIXED part and add in .bin myself. Still doesn't read. I know I'm missing something critical here but for the life of me I can't figure out what. Pics of the Issues/Errors This below is the error message I got while trying to do the Datel Checksum from your program.
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