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  1. I know I ask a lot of dumb newbie questions but I've decided to back up my X save file on my Mac so I ordered a Plugable USB 2.0 Multi-Card Reader. off Amazon because it was cheap. The problem is is that I take out my SD Card and place it in the card reader, plug it to my MacBook Pro, and nothing shows up. Nothing happens. And it's not like it's incompatible with Mac because it very clearly says that it should work with Mac, and my computer up to date. If there's a problem with the reader can someone recommend me something that does work for MacBook Pro? My Mac is version is 10.9.2 if that matters.
  2. I see! Are there AR codes then I can generate?
  3. So I have a platinum ROM and I decided to be nice and use it to catch shiny pokemon to send out on Wonder Trade to brighten up someone's day. So here's my plan; Catch Shiny Pokemon using an AR Code for Shininess Upload the pokemon to Pokecheck and select "Convert from Gen 4 to Gen 5" Download the .pkm file and edit out the premier ribbon Convert to Gen 6 somehow? My only problem is this; I understand that Gen VI no longer uses .pkm files. Has the hacking community thought of a way to convert .pkm files to the new format yet short of actually having Poke Transporter do it?
  4. Yes also there's a glitch with the Full Heal where you can get it multiple times from Minastralton Cave.
  5. I was wondering how I could use PokeGen to look at a pokemon's personality values so I could tell if the Wurmple I've caught will evolve into a Silicoon or Cascoon. Also how are personality values impacted by breeding? For example, if I breed a Wurmple that evolves into a Silicoon, could any offspring instead evolve into a Cascoon instead? Are Flabebe colors connected to personality values?
  6. Oh! Makes perfect sense. Thanks :3
  7. https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=9604560 So I was going through my Platinum ROM (To catch pokemon for my pokemon X and Y) and I wanted to check the IV's of my pokemon. I accidentally exported the save file as .dsv instead of .sav and I got this unholy Psyduck as an egg. I suspect it was a bad egg, but I was curious and uploaded it to Pokecheck after unchecking "egg" seeing as how it had actual information. Originally it was a gen 3 pokemon, I suspect (Given how it did not allow me to upload as Gen IV or V, but it was ok with converting it to Gen V from Gen IV). Look at all the ribbons it has. I'm uploading this because I want to know exactly how it got so messed up and if it's a bad egg or not.
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