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  1. WC event distribution cart question

    Just to throw a spanner in works, the VGC Nationals in 2014 in Manchester distributed a Mamoswine that was distributed via a laptop program. I saw the attendant click a program when I asked when it was going to be distributed. It ran twice that day, from 10am-11am and then 3pm-4pm. I actually have the Wondercard still unclaimed in both X and Y. I don't have a means of extracting them though to determine if there is any difference.
  2. I was about to comment this, I forgot who researched it. If I recall, this Jirachi is identical to the Wishing Star Jirachi event from the 2003 movie. I have a few of these in 3rd Gen files and everything looks identical from what I can see. Might be worth asking @ajxpk just to be 100% sure. It's been a while since I've seen this come up though.
  3. SM- Easter Eggs (JAP)

    That's very cool to hear. Japan always seems to snag these shiny events. Reminds me of the Kyogre/Groudon distributions in Gen V which could be shiny.
  4. Suction Cups not working in Sinnoh

    Any insight at all from anyone on why this is the case? I would have thought this would be an interesting research area.
  5. Suction Cups not working in Sinnoh

    I've just tried two Sinnoh games, Diamond and Platinum side by side and it's clearly not working. I only had three successful bites out of ten on each game. This site states it doesn't work in D/P/Pt but there's zero research in to this. I have no idea where to look.
  6. Suction Cups not working in Sinnoh

    Ah sorry, I should mention, this is for fishing encounters not in battle.
  7. Hi all, I've been recently informed that Suction Cups does not work in the Sinnoh Region due to a coding error. I can't find any information on whether this is true or not and I'm lost where to look in the data to confirm this or not. Would anyone mind confirming this? It seems strange and it's honestly the first time I've heard of this. Much appreciated
  8. Pokemon Ranger Manaphy Egg Reset?

    Didn't realise it was that simple, how awesome. That's handy to know, thank you.
  9. Pokemon Ranger Manaphy Egg Reset?

    Oh I already have that set up, does that literally wipe the game data to allow another Manaphy egg to be obtained?
  10. Which program are you guys opening PK3 files with? I'm a little behind the times it seems. * edit, didn't think to check Pkhex, oh dear. Got it now.
  11. Pokemon Ranger Manaphy Egg Reset?

    Just curious, which external tool would you recommend to do this with? I have an R4 cartridge for the DS. If you can't say, please PM.
  12. Pokemon Ranger Manaphy Egg Reset?

    I'm 99% sure there used to be an AR code which removed the check to allow a Ranger game to distribute more than one Manaphy egg. I've done a quick search and I can't find it, perhaps someone else will be able to. AR codes seem to fall in to obscurity eventually and generally become difficult to find.
  13. Japanese local events were usually slot two or via infared (same goes Korea). Security is a lot tighter over there too which is why any Japanese event leaks/dumps/ROMs are worth their weight in gold. All Genesect events outside of Japan were via wifi.
  14. I worked at Event City in Manchester, UK during Worlds 2014 and 2015. We distributed Arash's Mamoswine + Se Jun Park's Pachirusu by literally clicking "Distribute" on a program on a laptop. It was a very boring distribution.
  15. I've sold tons of these over the years and I've noted that many European cartridges did not have stickers. This is probably because many events were not store exclusive such as Shelmet/Karrablast and Michina Arceus. Note, my Shaymin EUR cartridge has no sticker and I "leaked" it out the store I used to work in.