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  1. If you want to do this with slot-2 the solution posted in #232 http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?12405-A-tool-to-backup-HG-SS-saves&p=118038&viewfull=1#post118038 and DLDI patch it for your card. Note that I have run this from a slot-1 card (Datatel Games-N-Music) and it will write to a slot-2 so it may not need to be run from slot-2 only.
  2. Sorry I only have one game right now and will try and go back to TRU over the next several days to obtain the other WCs. This came from my retail Black using NDS adapter Plus and Pokemon Mystery Gift Editor 1.4.3 Pidove..zip
  3. Quick question. Do you have to run this from the Slot-2 cart booted into NDS mode or do you run it from a SLot-1 card?
  4. I would be. Have a SupercardSD and EZflash IV could test it on for you.
  5. Simple solution. Update to the latest firmware 1.08 and software 1.10 and it should then work.
  6. I tried to upload it but it is 1.06 MB exe file. If I zip it it still exceeds the 1MB limit.
  7. That is true. I got lucky and walked into a local mom & pop game store that had one a couple of months ago. Got the complete game including the red/blue memcard.
  8. You guys are doing terific work here. I can offer a solution to get this on the 3rd gen games. if you can get the Celebi on a gci game save as I have a Japanese colosuem (never played it thought since don't read it), Japanese Firered and sapphire cart and the Gamecube-to-GBA adapter. Then I can post the 3rd gen save for all.
  9. Poryhack updated PCDSafe to extract wondercards from HGSS in http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showpost.php?p=58554&postcount=73. Hopefully this is the same version on the main page.
  10. I managed to download Pokeockver11_5.zip but I don't read Japanese or know how to post a link. Someone tells me I'll add it here. Maybe then someone could convert it to english.
  11. I've done this with Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum so I don't see why it wouldn't work with HGSS. Unless Nintendo does some more changes to the cartriges/ROMS.
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