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  1. If you want to do this with slot-2 the solution posted in #232 http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?12405-A-tool-to-backup-HG-SS-saves&p=118038&viewfull=1#post118038 and DLDI patch it for your card. Note that I have run this from a slot-1 card (Datatel Games-N-Music) and it will write to a slot-2 so it may not need to be run from slot-2 only.
  2. Quick question. Do you have to run this from the Slot-2 cart booted into NDS mode or do you run it from a SLot-1 card?
  3. I would be. Have a SupercardSD and EZflash IV could test it on for you.
  4. Simple solution. Update to the latest firmware 1.08 and software 1.10 and it should then work.
  5. I tried to upload it but it is 1.06 MB exe file. If I zip it it still exceeds the 1MB limit.
  6. That is true. I got lucky and walked into a local mom & pop game store that had one a couple of months ago. Got the complete game including the red/blue memcard.
  7. You guys are doing terific work here. I can offer a solution to get this on the 3rd gen games. if you can get the Celebi on a gci game save as I have a Japanese colosuem (never played it thought since don't read it), Japanese Firered and sapphire cart and the Gamecube-to-GBA adapter. Then I can post the 3rd gen save for all.
  8. I managed to download Pokeockver11_5.zip but I don't read Japanese or know how to post a link. Someone tells me I'll add it here. Maybe then someone could convert it to english.
  9. I've done this with Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum so I don't see why it wouldn't work with HGSS. Unless Nintendo does some more changes to the cartriges/ROMS.
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