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  1. Thank You for the guide! It worked perfectly. I have a question - how can I now restore save data?
  2. Oh I always used this list Where can I find the most accurate and complete list? And too bad that that's a hack ;|
  3. According to Bulbapedia, it was in France, Germany and US. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Nintendo_event_Pok%C3%A9mon_in_2004#Ruby_Zigzagoon So it's a hack? Great Does anyone have a legit one? I'd love to trade.
  4. Hey, i got it from trade, can anyone check if it's legit It's an old GBA Event, german.
  5. Hmmm I don't really like idea making pokes with 31 IVs in everything and 255EV in every stat, because they won't be legal. What if we could make them weaker but legal (legit?). In I and II gen there wasn't competitive battling.... IVs: We could do a simple maths: IV*2-1 Pokemon with 16 IVs in HP would have now 31IVs, 15 - 29, 3-5, 2-3, 1-1 etc. EVs, pokemon could have 255 EVs in every stat, right? That makes total 1530EVs - we could simply divide it by 3, Pokemon would have now ~510EVs - if there is a digit after comma, then we could cut it. Thanks to this Pokemon could have legal stats. If pokemon is not at level at 100, we can simply delete its EVs by berries and then train it for a better fighter... Hmmm now, natures? There are 251 pokes in II gen.... the convertor could give them always the best nature to the Pokemon Specie (for example Gyarados would have always Adamant nature) thanks to this they wouldn't be totally lame What do you think about it? I won't make this, cause i don't know how... maybe some programmer could do this.... EDIT :Of course i'm talking about conversion from II gen to IVth...
  6. Hey, i'd like to recreate my old team from Pokemon Yellow, and I have a question :rolleyes:. If I change my trainer's ID (without SID) and later catch or breed any pokes, will they be shown as legit, after palparking from Fire Red?
  7. One year ago i played Pokemon Fire Red. I didn't use any cheats, i have beaten the league, and i met Suicune on route 24. I caught it, EV'd it and trained to lvl 100. I just checked it (it is now in my Platinum) and it's IVs are... 0/0/0/0/0/0 I am sure that it is legit, it's impossible to be a hack... What are chances to meet THAT bad Pokemon :eek:. Am i so unlucky?
  8. So it is not legit? Maybe it shows unknown gba type, because it is shiny? ( Damn, I hoped that would be legit..
  9. I think that is from Navel Rock, it is at lvl 70, caught with Masterball, from Hoenn [Emerald], and it has trainers OT.
  10. I've got it from trade, it's pal parked from Emerald, everything like trashbytes is valid, but it shows as "Unknown GBA Type" in legality checker. Is it all right? I've checked a normal navel rock Ho-oh from this site and it's "Normal GBA or NDS"
  11. Hey, I've got from trade a Shiny Ho-Oh, it's from Emerald, so from Navel Rock, but legality checker shows it as "Unknown GBA"
  12. Hey, i've got from trade Chikorita, but it's parent was cheated (master ball, route 203). Is that Chikorita legit, or should I get rid of it?
  13. Yeah, 18 sounds fine, don't go, i'll give you these Pokemon EDIT: I have sent you .sav file by PM
  14. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! You are my hero! I really would prefer that you could send them via Wi-Fi, cause i have only original cart and I want them on console. I would like at least 15 pokemon, if you could do more that would be great. We don't need to do this in one day I'll send the save to you soon, i just need to reset some EV's of one Pokemon
  15. I would like to migrate pokemon from VBA to my original cart. Did someone try it? Can someone who can do such a thing help me, and later send this pokemon to me via Wi-Fi? And please don't scam me
  16. Hi guys! I just downloaded from that site two new event Pokemon Japanese Shiny Pichu and American Shiny Milotic. When i add them to legality checker it says: "Hacked Mystery Gift" I have Legality Checker vB54 Are these events legit?
  17. Great, i'd love to trade my I&II gen Poke to new games
  18. gokufan


    Delete plz I posted this in wrong place lol
  19. I can't wait for pokemod, it's going to be great, but... Could you add someday a GB/GBC pokemon extracting feature? They don't need to be Exactly the same. It would be great, because i have some really nice and old pokemon in there Sry for my English
  20. Oh, that's cool, I can wait .
  21. Hmmm, is there a cheaper way to pal park pokemon from VBA? My shinies and 100lvls are on computer . Friend with NDS and flashcart won't work?
  22. Hmm if i plug it to NDS, will it work? Cause i don't have GBA
  23. Hey guys! I've seen on gamefaqs .sps (gameshark snapshot) saves for pokemon Fr/Lg/E/R/S. I would like to create my own .sps file on VBA, and import it to cartridge. What cheating device do i need to import that save?
  24. Hey, my friend have a flashcart. Would Wi-Fi work, so he could trade my Pokemon to me?
  25. Hey! I just bought today NDS Lite and Pokemon Platinum Before that, i have played Pokemon on No$GBA. I have some 100lvls in there, is there a way to transfer pokemon/save?
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