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  1. I'm trying this on an older laptop; is it alright if the Luma files shows up as WinRAR? And how do I install Luma and BannerBomb3 on the 3ds?
  2. I don't have CFW. I have no idea what to start with or how to get CFW onto my 3ds.
  3. Oh ok, how do I do that? The directions never seem to mention how to put certain programs and tools on the 3ds. Thanks for replying!
  4. Hi, longtime Pokemon fan. I recently downloaded PKHex, but I'm very confused with it; how do I go about editing saves from cartridge? I assume I have to find a way to download the file onto the computer with something, but I'm lost. I tried Checkpoint, and all that happened was that I was in a never ending loop of saving/opening it. Sorry if this is not the right place for it, but I'm not sure where this would go otherwise.
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